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Electric massage for deep relaxation. Top 3 types

By April 10, 2024Massage chair

There are many types of electric massage for deep relaxation and maintaining a healthy body. By gently or firmly pressing the joints and muscles, alternating kneading and stretching movements, you support the body’s release of stress and maintain optimal tone. What are the most popular types of deep relaxation massage a massage chair can offer you? What can you do to extend the effects of these types of electric massage?


  1. Massage for deep relaxation – how to maintain a balance between body health and emotions?
  2. Massage for deep relaxation – tips and recommendations to prolong the effects

1. Massage for deep relaxation – how to maintain a balance between body health and emotions?

Whether you need simple solutions for relaxing the body, calming restlessness, relieving discomfort in specific body areas, or maintaining the mobility of muscles and joints, there are many types of electric massage for deep relaxation.

  • Electric stretching massage

After a long day sitting in front of your laptop, your body starts asking for its rights. Also, if you’ve been standing or sitting in the same position for longer, you may experience numbness in your back or legs. The range of electric massage chairs offers such devices, prepared with the latest technology to relieve muscle stress and more. The chairs are designed with numerous stretching or body stretching massage programmes or focused on specific areas only.

Massaging and stretching those parts of the body’s surface that have been intensely stressed during the day soothes sensations of numbness, allowing blood to circulate and oxygenate all tissues. The stretching massage for deep relaxation can be completed by activating┬áthe Flat Position option, available on the JP-3000. When the body is massaged in a lying position, blood circulates better, the spine is relieved of pressure, which brings the body into a state of deep relaxation.

  • Pressure massage with air cushions

Air cushion compression massage is one of the most popular types of robotic massage for deep relaxation, and is particularly popular with people who complain of discomfort in the back, shoulders or cervical area.

Through the process of compression and release of air, this massage for deep relaxation improves blood circulation, releases stiff areas, giving a feeling of invigoration. This massage for deep relaxation is especially ideal for those who spend a lot of time at the office and experience neck pain or various unpleasant sensations due to incorrect posture in the chair.

  • Reflexology massage

Electric massage for reflex points in the soles of the feet stimulates blood circulation to other areas, stimulates the lymph and frees the body of toxins. Reflexology massage soothes accumulated fatigue in the feet, especially for people who spend a lot of time on their feet or athletes.

2. Massage for deep relaxation – tips and recommendations to prolong the effects

Each of these 3 types of massage for deep relaxation offers astounding emotional health benefits, and is even one of the simplest remedies to counteract stress. There’s also the possibility that introducing robotic massage into your daily routine can delay the development of certain health problems.

So one of the biggest wishes of people who get massages is that the effects are long-lasting. So, you should remember to moisturise both before and after you have finished your massage. In this way you help your body to eliminate toxins and replenish water deposits that have been depleted by the massage.

Amplify the relaxation effect with your favourite music, thanks to the Bluetooth system that complements the JP-3000 massage chair and more. Once you’ve completed your favourite massage you can take a hot bath before bed, so that your body is refreshed the next day after a good night’s sleep.

No matter what types of massage for deep relaxation you prefer, it’s best to use them a few times a week, even before your body asks you to. When the urge to have a relaxing massage has already set in, this is an indication that your body is approaching exhaustion and needs to relax.