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Massage chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000

Fujiiryoki JP-3000 5D massage chair with Artificial Intelligence

The full body massage chair JP-3000 is the latest-generation massage chair produced by Fujiiryoki in Osaka, Japan, incorporating the innovative 5D massage technology with artificial intelligence patented by Fuji Medical Instruments LTD.
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Full Body Massage Chair - Mindfulness massage program

Relax your body and mind with a completely new full body massage experience.

The way we live and work has changed radically over the years, leading to mental fatigue and stress.

The “Mindfulness” massage program on the JP-3000 5D full body massage chair is designed to heal and strengthen your physical, mental and health state.

5d massage chair

5D Artificial Intelligence upgraded

Best Massage Chair - Morphological scanning with Artificial Intelligence

Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Massage Chair is using Artificial Intelligence, the control system automatically transmits the user’s body shape, muscle condition and other information to the massager. Intensity, technique, dexterity are tailored and made to the individual user.

Osaki Massage Chair - AI Double Sensing PLUS

The “Shoulder Position Detection System” detects the position of the shoulders, estimates the massage point, then the “Dorsal Line Detection System” detects the dorsal line by measuring in 8D along the spine. The 5D-Al PLUS movement of the JP-3000 massage chair automatically adjusts along these spinal curves to provide the most comfortable massage.

What is Fujiiryoki's 5D A.I. PLUS?

Thanks to the artificial intelligence represented by a high-performance sensor and a fine massage engine, Fujiiryoki has succeeded in surpassing the finesse of human hand massage.

heated full body massage chair

Double heating function

Best selling massage chair with heating

The Fujiiryoki JP-3000 with built-in heating function can be placed on the back to warm the waist area, or can be opened and placed on the front to warm the abdomen.

Foot Sole Heating

Gently warms cold-prone feet.

Foot Sole Shiatsu Reflexology

The airbag of the Fujiiryoki JP-3000 massage chair holds the ankle and instep, simulating the grip of the foot while special rollers massage the soles of the feet. Depending on your preference, the foot roller’s intensity can be set to three levels or can also be turned off.

foot massage chair
zero gravity massage chair

Stretching massage

The Fujiiryoki JP-3000 massage chair offers unique full body massage chair capabilities, including Arch Stretch. Helps reduce stress and pain associated with pressure areas in the spine.

massage chair with speakers

The level of relaxation is enhanced by Bluetooth speakers

Guide your body to its best-performing state and bring tranquility to the mind by using the specialty designed Bluetooth supporting speakers, the Total Relax Position effect and double heating systems.

Japanese Massage Chairs

Body Care 0 Gravity Position

total relax position 180 degree

The relaxation level of the Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Massage Chair is enhanced thanks to a comfortable lying position, while perfectly optimizing the body stretching effect.

Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Massage Chair Characteristics

Dimensions: 86 cm width, 212 cm length, 73 cm height

Weight supported: Max. 135 kg/ 279.62 ibsĀ 

Japan Certification number: 304ABBZX00024000

Power Consumption: 125 W