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B2B General terms and condition Herein we are informing about our standard terms of conditions in case of a B2B purchase. Before a purchase we agree in written with regards to exactly what to expect from each other. Every agreement is different.  Please read the General terms and conditions before you’re considering to make a purchase of our massage chairs. Purchase conditions apply to  goods and service. All massage chairs are being delivered new in the box just as received from the factory. Transfer of Property in Goods The property in the goods is said, to be transferred from the seller to the buyer only after the complete amount is paid and the seller can make a proof of the payment and the buyer can make a proof of the payment received. Buyer become the owner of the good once the complete payment is received and he received the invoice from MedicaRelax. MedicaRelax will not issue an invoice until the complete payment has been received. Buyer can make the proof of the ownership only based on an original invoice. Buyer will pay tased on a Pro-forma invoice.