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Massage Chair Inada Dreamwave

Inada Dreamwave massage chair: embrace relaxation, increase well-being.
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Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Massage Chair UK - Innovative design

The massage chair designed from Japan enters a new era. Inada Dreamwave is a multifunctional massage chair, with an elegant, colorful and compact design, showing clean lines, completely changes the classic and imposing image of other massage chairs.

heated massage chair uk

Lower back massage
and seat Heat Therapy

Warming pads are located at the lumbar and seat area of the Inada Dreamwave. This helps to heat your core and improve circulation while soothing muscle fibers for a better and deeper massage experience.


Full body massage chair - Upper Shoulder Massage

The Shoulder Massage is unique in the japanese massage chair Inada Dreamwave. Shiatsu pads are supplied that you can swap in and out for a deeper or lighter massage.

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair characteristics

Dimensions: 89 cm width, 133 cm length, 118 cm height

Weight supported: Max. 89 kg

Reclining Angle: 120- 165 degrees

Power consumption: 80 W