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Massage Chair B’Well Tokyo

MedicaRelax B’Well Tokyo massage chair UK: Relax your world, recharge your soul
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full body massage chair

Full Body Massage Chair - Leg Stretch

The calf frame is provided with a telescopic adjustment function, and the calf foot is pulled out with the ankle.

The length of the foot extension can be determined according to the length of the user’s leg, and the foot is retracted by the spring force to adapt to different heights of the person.

0 gravity massage chair

Zero gravity massage chair

Zero gravity model means, the legs and torso at 118 degrees elevation, the location of thighs and calves are above the heart.
The gravity of each body part will distribute average on a full body massage chair UK to make pressure on body fully release.

B'well Tokyo Massage Chair Specifications

Bluetooth Speaker

massage chair with speakers

Shortcut Button

massage chair

Led Lights

massage chair uk


massage chair price

MedicaRelax B’Well Tokyo Massage chair characteristics

Dimensions: 76 cm width, 147 cm length, 71 cm height

Weight supported: Max: 105kg

Gravity zero : Yes

Power consumption: 120W