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Masthead Article

MedicaRelax - Chamber of Commerce East London.

Masthead Article: MedicaRelax listed among successful business in the Masthead magazine, the official magazine of Chamber of Commerce East London.
MedicaRelax is already known as the best source to supply original Japanese made massage chairs. Direct importers from Japan are offering storage, delivery and assembly to customers across the country.
As the massage chair market grows the aim of MedicaRelax is to select only the most advantageous massage chairs with best real features for the most competitive price.
Masthead Article
With a history of more than a decade, MedicaRelax remains the number one choice for those who seek quality.
World’s most exclusive massage chairs can be tested in the shop located in SidCup.
For 2024 have proudly announced the new JP-3000, 5D.AI.PLUS, world’s first massage chair featured with Mindfulness, an incredibly high achievement in a massage chair by Japanese engineers.
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