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Massage Chair Supreme 4D

The massage chair features an incredibly luxurious and elegant look, thanks to its 4D technology. Moreover, the chair is equipped with a series of different functions that simulate natural movements and speed of therapist’s hands.
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Massage Chair Specifications

  • Blueetoth Speakers
  • Armrest shortcut keys
  • Wireless charge USB port
  • Artistic LED
  • Manual controller

Magnet Therapy

The gentle magnetic field effects on the spine complement massage, promoting growth of cells and maintaining a healthy back.

Massage Chair iRest A665
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Sole Massage

It’s enough to massage for several minutes so that the tension accumulated in your legs can be reduced at a time of day when you are tired. The required relaxation and relief is provided with rollers on the legs, which are supported by a muscle massage mechanism and an effect of air cushions.

Lymphatic massage

To promote blood circulation, lymph flow and relax you, the massage chair’s air cushions surrounding your entire body are inflated to an appropriate degree of intensity.

4D Massage Chair

The massaging rollers’ motion is even more precise, adjustable and approximates the natural movement of a therapist’s hands to an even greater extent. A detailed scan is performed before the treatment, which will follow a straight line of the spine and adjust the massage to an even wider range of needs.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity has been considered to be the most relaxing massage position, as it will completely eliminate all tension built up in your body’s spine and make massages even more enjoyable.

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Heated Massage Chairs

Heated Massage Chair

The multifunctional heating function ensures a pleasant feeling of heat spreading throughout the body. If necessary, use a heating pad to warm up your back and lumbar muscles as well as abdominal and chest muscles.

SL Shaped Massage

The SLshape technology achieves a massage that covers an area of 135 cm long, from the neck to the knees.

Advanced Stretch System

A unique automatic program for stretching muscles. This chair can stretch your whole body.

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Supreme 4D Massage Chair characteristics

Dimensions: 165 x 83 x 121 cm (L x W x H)

Weight supported: 150 kg