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The best massage chairs

in the world are made in Japan.

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Massage Chairs

About MedicaRelax

MedicaRelax is the sole importer of the Japanese massage chair brands Fujiiryoki and Inada Family in United Kingdom and Scotland.

Our massage chairs can be used at home or by professionals.

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Japanese Certificated Quality

Best Massage Chairs Brands

Discover our best selection of massage chair brands.


First 5D+AI massage chair


World’s first hybrid massage chair


Full Body massage chair


Premium Quality


Innovative Design

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Wellness massage chairs  can help improve overall body tone.

Massage Chair Reviews

“We are very happy with our choice and we are enjoying it every day. It is highly recommended.”

Michael, SCT

“We just bought the Fujiiryoki JP 2000 Massage Chair, I’ve been suffering from low back pain for years, this is one of the best medical grade massage chairs we’ve found, and we’re very happy with it.”

Willa, GB

“This amazing chair is far superior than any other chair Ive tried. It goes so deep, you can make it even deeper and deeper than deeper! Its made my back aches disappear and my husband adores this also!”

Catherine Leyreloup Mayne, GB

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