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Foot reflexology. 4 benefits for a great sleep

By April 9, 2024Massage chair

Foot reflexology massage is essential for the health of the whole body, not just for relaxing the feet after a demanding day. There are people, such as dentists, who by the nature of their profession have to spend a lot of time on their feet. This habit has negative effects on back health, circulation and mood over time. These effects can also interfere with your rest schedule, as accumulated fatigue and back pain can lead to sleep disturbances such as waking up in the night or insomnia.

What are the most important benefits that foot reflexology massage offers your body? How can reflexology massage help you enjoy a restful sleep throughout the night?


  1. Foot reflexology and body health
  2. Reflexology in soles – what happens during a chair massage?

1. Foot reflexology and body health

A foot reflexology massage a few times a week is one of the easiest ways to support the body’s health and revitalize our mental tone. The importance of foot reflexology massage is underlined by the fact that there are points on the surface of the soles that are reflexively connected to different areas of the body.

By applying pressure to these key points, certain blockages are removed that can lead to inflammation or other conditions over time. Foot reflexology massage is ideal for people who have trouble sleeping. Either fatigue or emotional stress are common factors that affect sleep routines.

Reflexology massage in the soles relaxesmuscles whose stiffness triggers general discomfort and the feeling of tired feet. Massage sessions stimulate blood to circulate and supply cells and tissues with oxygen. This process helps prevent fever and muscle contractions. Muscle spasms create nervousness, because of which your rest schedule may be frequently interrupted during the night.

Even mild discomfort in the soles and heels can make it hard to get to sleep. This is most often experienced by people who spend a lot of time standing or working in a fixed position. A quick reflexology massage in the soles relieves your feet of the pressure and fatigue accumulated during the day, which will create the optimal environment for a peaceful sleep.

Stimulating certain points in the sole supports the production of serotonin, which helps to calm emotions and replace stress with a state of well-being.

Foot reflexology helps the lymph flow throughout the body and prevents blockages. In this way, you also support the detoxification process. Toxins deposited in the liver and kidneys are flushed out thanks to lymph circulation, which helps keep the body healthy by preventing inflammation. In this way you also avoid some of the unpleasantness that can accompany those toxin deposits, which supports a better sleep routine without disturbances and frequent awakenings.

2. Reflexology in soles – what happens during a chair massage?

Reflexology in the soles provides the same benefits when using robotic massage, provided by massage chair technology. The JP-3000 is a Japanese electric massage chair equipped with this type of insole relaxation programme. The robotic reflexology massage of the chairs is performed with the help of two rollers. Each of these has a different shape with individual roles.

So there’s a prominent roller for relaxing the whole sole and a smaller one that presses only the stressed areas. Foot reflexology, which is specific to Japanese massage chairs, has similar effects to a reflexogenic massage performed in special relaxation centres. Alternatively, you can combine roller massage and heated insole massage to enhance the invigorating sensation.

However, there are certain situations in which foot reflexology is contraindicated, such as pregnant women or people with certain foot infections, open wounds, inflammations, etc.

Professional massage chairs with foot rollers are alternative and useful ways to improve your body’s health. They are also equipped with special programmes for relaxation before bedtime, making sleep problems a thing of the past.