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Is Deep Tissue Massage beneficial for the body’s health?

By April 8, 2024April 9th, 2024Massage chair

A Deep Tissue massage is that type of massage performed with slow but deep strokes to remove accumulated stress in the deepest tissues. In relaxation centres, professionals achieve this by using elbows, fingers or forearms, with movements adapted to the physical condition and stage of each user’s specific muscles.

A professional massage chair is equipped with Deep Tissue program and its state-of-the-art technology can easily compete with the experience of a licensed masseur. What are the top 3 benefits of a Deep Tissue massage? Why is it recommended to include deep tissue relaxation massage in your personal daily relaxation routine?


  1. Deep Tissue massage for soothing tight muscles
  2. How does a professional electric massage chair work for deep tissue relaxation?

1. Deep Tissue massage for soothing tight muscles

A Deep Tissue massage provides physical comfort by relaxing tense muscles or removing muscle blockages. Muscles can be stiff for a variety of reasons. It could be incorrect posture, a habit of sitting for a long time without taking breaks, being sedentary, lifting weights, exercising without warming up your body beforehand, and the list goes on.

It can also be back discomfort due to cold, tired legs, etc. Long-term stress can also be added to the category of factors that favour muscle blockages. All of these lead to unpleasant sensations that can interfere with your mood and affect your performance and productivity throughout the day.

  • Accelerating the detoxification process

A Deep Tissue massage is a pleasant and simple way to release stiffness in different areas of the body. Muscle tension can also occur as a result of a build-up of toxins, and when their levels are too high, then the body starts sending out signals. Usually these signs manifest themselves as muscle tightness, tension and pain.

  • Supporting body mobility

A Deep Tissue massage is designed to relax stiff muscles, which can lose their elasticity due to stiffness. Over time, the body’s ability to perform larger movements is also diminished, which can affect athletes’ performance or make you prone to injury.

  • Prevention of muscle fever

Also, by setting up a schedule that involves at least one Deep Tissue robotic massage per week you can avoid muscle fever. As a rule, this occurs due to the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles overworked by physical exertion, so massage is even indicated for the release of fluid deposits. To speed up the process of clearing muscle blockages it is recommended to hydrate both before and after the massage.

Drinking water helps to flush lactic acid and waste products out of the tissues and to take up these toxins into the lymphatic flow for later elimination from the body. Therefore, if the muscles are not stimulated, then the level of toxins in the body increases, which over time form inflammation, skin problems and lead to impaired tone.

2. How does a professional electric massage chair work for deep tissue relaxation?

As mentioned above, deep tissue massage can be performed both by specialists and with the help of massage chair programmes. Thanks to technological advances, a professional electric massage chair can provide Deep Tissue massage in the comfort of your own home at any time of day. Such a device can be programmed to various intensity levels, thus adapting to the degree of stiffness of each muscle group. A professional electric massage chair is designed with Artificial Intelligence and dual scanning. The body scanning mechanism is designed to detect sensitive, stiff, stiff areas and then automatically start the appropriate massage.

If your lifestyle involves repetitive physical activity that puts strain on joints and muscles, then purchasing a professional electric massage chair for deep tissue relaxation may prove to be an investment with long-term benefits.

Also, if you are experiencing lymph or blood circulatory problems, then deep tissue massage with rollers and heating can relax the body and restore those blocked flows. If you have a job or profession that involves a fixed body position, such as dentists, for example, then Deep Tissue Massage is recommended for you too.

A professional electric massage chair will relieve acute fatigue in your shoulders, back and pelvis before it affects your health and mood.