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Relaxing massage for muscle contractions. When is it useful?

By April 7, 2024April 9th, 2024Massage chair

Regularly performing a relaxing massage for muscle contractions promotes back health and corrects posture. Physical stiffness is often caused by poor or long sitting in a desk chair, lack of breaks from the laptop and generally a lifestyle of reduced physical activity. Following a regular programme of relaxing massage for muscle contractions benefits the position of the body and delays the onset of spinal disorders.


  1. Relaxing massage for muscle contractions – crucial benefits for the body
  2. Relaxing massage for muscle contractions and Flat Position function

1. Relaxing massage for muscle contractions – crucial benefits for the body

The use of the relaxing massage chair for muscle contractions is recommended daily for 15 minutes or 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes. Thanks to ultra high-performance technology, a relaxing massage for muscle contraction can even compete with the technique of the best expert in the art of massage.

Thanks to the morphological scanning system, a professional massage chair can identify stiff areas or muscle contractions, adapting the massage according to the stage of each muscle group. So, if you’re not a massage centre fan or don’t have time to keep appointments, it’s time to consider robotic massage.

You can then create a personalised massage programme alternating stroking, kneading and pressure techniques at different levels of intensity depending on the condition of your muscles. It is not advisable to massage the same area all the time, as you risk wearing out the muscles and thus experiencing discomfort and possible complications requiring intervention. So a relaxing massage for muscle contractions remains one of the simplest alternative remedies that support overall health and emotional tone.

If you’ve had a hard day where you’ve spent a lot of time at a desk or on your feet, there’s a risk that you may not be able to rest in the evening due to muscle stiffness. Sleep disturbances make you wake up the next day tired, lacking energy and underperforming.

Make up a smart relaxation routine before your usual bedtime. After a hot bath you can treat yourself to Night Healing, Mindfulness, Whole Body Relax, Elite Therapy, plus many more you’ll find in Fujiiryoki’s selection of massage chairs. Each of these programmes lasts 30 minutes, during which time you can listen to your favourite music via Bluetooth, enjoy reading a few pages of a book or watch a movie. You can also choose the heated back massage if you’ve spent a day in a fixed and uncomfortable position or if you feel discomfort in that area after physical exertion.

2. Relaxing massage for muscle contractions and Flat Position function

The aim of a relaxing massage for muscle contractions is not just to relieve tension built up during the day. Also, making robotic massage a weekly habit will help your body speed up the process of flushing toxins from your blood. Thanks to the beating, kneading or pressure movements, toxin accumulations are removed from the tissues. This process is crucial for the appearance of the skin, among other things.

Neglecting a regular detoxification routine sets the stage for cellulite, stretch marks, skin eczema and other such problems that affect overall aesthetics. Also, among the notable benefits that accompany a relaxing muscle contraction massage are increased levels of flexibility in the body.

In this way, the risk of accidents during physical activity is also reduced or the recovery time from injuries is decreased, as the body’s self-healing capacity is automatically increased. It is also advisable to use the Flat Position function specific to Fujiiryoki JP-3000 massage chairs to support muscle relaxation. With the Flat Position, the body is laid horizontally, which helps the back to release muscle pressure.

Relaxing massage for muscle contractions is recommended for anyone, both in the morning to prepare the body for sitting in the office chair and after a busy day when muscles need a spot massage.