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Heated massage chair – 5 main mistakes during use

By May 10, 2024Massage chair

Once you’ve purchased a heated massage chair you’re eager to make the most of the benefits offered by the dozens of programs, features, techniques and customisation options.

The experience in a heated massage chair is also influenced by certain rules regarding the use of this device. Therefore, to reap the benefits of a robotic massage session, it is advisable to avoid certain mistakes that most users make, which can compromise the relaxing effect.


  1. Heated massage chair – what are those habits that increase wear and tear and shorten lifespan?
  2. Heated massage chair – what should you pay attention to before use?

1. Heated massage chair – what are those habits that increase wear and tear and shorten lifespan?

If this is your first experience with a heated massage chair, or if you were previously familiar with manual massage, then you may be tempted to make some mistakes that overload the device. If you want to always enjoy a pleasant experience during your massage session, then eliminate these habits that you probably do too:

  • Extend the time of the massage session

Avoid asking for a heated massage chair for too long in the same session. So you can activate the short 7-minute programme for quick refreshment. You also have the option to relax for 15-20 minutes during most programmes or enjoy massages of up to 30 minutes, thanks to the Night Healing, VIP and other such options. However, if you exceed these time limits within the same session, you risk experiencing fatigue or even muscle fatigue.

  • The device has a supporting role

Another mistake some users make is to use a robotic massage chair as a stand for various objects. When placing or supporting heavy things against a massage chair, especially during use, you risk damaging the mechanisms and material. Because of this, your relaxation sessions will be compromised by possible malfunctions that might occur due to loaded objects.

2. Heated massage chair – what should you pay attention to before use?

Using a heated massage chair correctly is more than just following the instructions in the manual. Your body also needs to be respected, so adjust your massage sessions according to your state of health.

  • Ignore certain injuries or health problems

Even though many people invest in a heated massage chair for moments of physical and mental relaxation, you should still avoid or reduce its use if you have certain injuries or health problems. So talk to your doctor before making such a purchase. Also, follow the list of contraindications to avoid certain inconveniences, discomforts or even some complications.

  • Not listening to your body during massage

If you feel that the movements of the massage rollers or air cushions are too intense, then stop the device for a break or adjust the intensity. It is important to adapt the functions of a heated massage chair to your body’s needs, not the other way around.

  • You don’t alternate massages

Even if you prefer a particular programme, technique, massage function or focus on a specific area of your body, it’s a good idea to mix up the options and work several muscle groups. For example, if you work at a desk a lot or spend hours standing, choose to massage this area as well as your lower back, sciatica or cervical region. This corrects back posture, eliminates contractures, increases joint and muscle mobility, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which can only be good for your overall health.

By following these recommendations and avoiding certain bad habits, you will support well-being, body functions and mental relaxation, thanks to the therapist in your home: the massage chair.