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Asian massages. What are the 3 most popular types?

By April 23, 2024Massage chair

How can Asian massages help you keep your physical and emotional comfort at an optimal level? In most cases, people frequently experience cramping or stiffness in different areas of the body due to prolonged stress. So the best solution to relax the body and mind is a daily routine that includes ways to disconnect from everyday stress.

Physical activity, going out in nature, taking up a hobby are some of the most popular ways to take your mind off your worries. But you can complement your daily relaxation ritual with sessions that include a few minutes of Asian massage. What are the most popular and what benefits do they offer?


  1. Asian massages for relaxation
  2. Asian massages – what are the most important benefits for the body?

1. Asian massages for relaxation

There are several types of Asian massages you can enjoy in relaxation centres, but you can also find them in the range of professional Japanese massage chairs.

  • Thai massage

This is among the most popular types of Asian massage. Thai massage is based on a series of stretching and pressure movements. Their role is to stimulate energy points in different areas of the body’s surface. Performance athletes or people who regularly do physical movement are prone to muscle discomfort or joint stiffness during training.

Thai massage stretches the body in a gradual way, which supports the gradual relaxation of the muscles that are strained after sustained effort. In this way you gently remove excess lactic acid, which helps prevent muscle fever.

  • Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage also involves pressure movements at key points on the body to stimulate energy pathways and remove blockages. Shiatsu massage helps release blood flow, promotes lymph circulation and also relaxes muscle tension.

  • Reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage performed in a massage chair involves moving pressure rollers over reflex points in the soles of the feet. In this way, you support the improvement of the body’s functions, blood circulation, lymph movement and the detoxification process.

2. Asian massages – what are the most important benefits for the body?

Selecting armchairs that include Asian massages can be considered a long-term investment for both your personal benefit and that of your family. Asian massages relax the nervous system, which normalises blood pressure, prevents muscle tension and balances the stress hormone. As a result, regular Asian massage sessions help to calm emotions and relax the body, which helps to improve sleep quality.

Asian massage stimulates the blood vessels, which helps oxygen and nutrients to penetrate throughout the body with the blood flow. Supplying tissues with these elements helps prevent and relieve tension, discomfort and stiffness. In this way, the body expands its mobility and flexibility, freeing up knots, which especially helps athletes reach a new level of performance.

After each of these Asian massages you will feel incredibly refreshed. However it is advisable to hydrate, because even though it was a relaxation session, your muscles were stretched, pressed, and therefore also stressed. Incorporate massage into your lifestyle and sit in a massage chair after a long day at work, after a sports workout or whenever you feel like it.

What is certain is that if you do massages on a regular basis, your body will enjoy increased mobility, a continuous detoxification process by stimulating the lymph, an optimal circulatory system and an excellent state of mind.

Whether you prefer shiatsu massage, reflexology or Thai massage, any of these Asian massages balance stress levels, which in turn helps boost the immune system. At the same time, massages release endorphins, which boosts tone and ensures a good mood.

Mental balance is essential to cope with day-to-day stress, to keep us focused on our priorities and to keep us performing at our optimum potential.