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Automatic massages – 3 great sets for muscle mobility

By May 13, 2024Massage chair

The best sets of automatic massages depend primarily on the particular preferences and physical condition of each user. In addition to these criteria, there is also the lifestyle, whether the person is sedentary or does any sport, what type of sport, how often they train, etc.

Automated massage programmes are among the solutions that can help increase and maintain muscle mobility. Whether you have a static job and work at a desk a lot, or you’re an athlete, automatic massages can restore your mobility, prevent muscle contractions and relax stiff areas.


  1. Automatic massages – solutions for warming up the body before sport
  2. Electric massages – how to relax your muscles after exercise?

1. Automatic massages – solutions for warming up the body before sport

Here are some of the most popular automatic massages that support the mobility and relaxation you need after an active day. They can also be incorporated into your pre-workout warm-up routine. Muscle warming massages before the start of sports can prevent muscle fever, discomfort, tightness, numbness and more. Set aside 15-20 minutes for this ritual and prepare your body for your exercise sets.

  • Air cushion and stretching massage

Professional massage chairs are equipped with air cushions, which are placed in different areas of the body where fatigue usually sets in. So a massage with air cushions can protect you from the discomfort of muscle contractions in your shoulders, back, hips and legs. Combine these automatic massages with compression pillows and stretching body massages to warm up your body before gym class. Stretching massage stimulates mobility and is a programme involving stretching movements of the spine and limbs.

  • Shiatsu and massage for reflex points in the sole

Take advantage of this formula that combines firm pressure movements at key points on the surface of the body and in the soles. The role of these automatic massages is to restore energy balance, to release circulatory blockages, thus allowing blood and lymph flow to move throughout the body. This combination of programmes with automatic massage also relaxes stiff areas, soothes tired tissues and prepares the body for physical exertion.

2. Electric massages – how to relax your muscles after exercise?

Automatic massage programmes also help, among other things, to relax physically and mentally after a busy day or after completing workouts. Muscle tension and stiffness generate discomfort, which may make it difficult to sleep, causing frequent awakenings during the night, difficulty in falling asleep, insomnia and low mental tone the next day.

  • Deep tissue massage and heating massage

So to avoid all these unpleasant sensations you can turn to the Deep Tissue massage formula and heating massage. The first type works on the basis of special rollers that penetrate the tissues to a depth of 12.5 cm, which helps to prevent or soothe contractures caused by sitting for too long, exposure to air conditioning, standing and more.

Combines deep tissue massage with heating massage to enhance the relaxing and invigorating effect on the body. When muscles are relaxed, blood can supply them with oxygen, and this process contributes to increased mobility. In this way, you help your body to become more flexible and thus increase its ability to cope with a wide range of movements, bringing you closer to performance in sport.

Whatever your lifestyle, incorporate these massages into your regular routine to support muscle and joint mobility. Alternate programs to work more muscle groups to prevent overworking and damaging them with constant pressure. Massages are classic solutions that promote physical relaxation, improve body posture, protect back health, optimise blood circulation and lymph flow, support mental refreshment and help better manage stress levels.