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Best 5D massage chairs. What are the benefits?

By April 12, 2024Massage chair

A 5D massage is the latest innovation in Japanese Fujiiryoki massage chairs. It was the first brand to offer the world’s first 5D massage and Artificial Intelligence-equipped chairs for relaxation sessions to compete with those offered by professional masseurs.

What are the most important benefits that characterize 5D massage chairs? Who is recommended this type of massage? Find out more about the 5D massage function, first launched by the Fujiiryoki range of Japanese massage chairs, in the following lines.


  1. 5D or 4D massage – why are they recommended?
  2. The world’s first 5D massage chairs, perfect for posture correction

1. 5D or 4D massage – why are they recommended?

The 5D massage technique is designed to enhance relaxation sessions and is a modern solution for reducing muscle tension and increasing the body’s resistance to stress. A 5D massage also provides some additional advantages over theĀ 4D mechanism, thanks to certain features that make this technique unique. 5D massage uses a wide range of movements and varying levels of intensity to stimulate the most important processes in the body that influence health.

Regular 5D or 4D massage helps to remove blockages in the lymph and blood flow. If these are not released, then there is a risk of a build-up of toxins that the lymph has not been able to clear from the liver or kidneys. Also, if blood is not circulating properly throughout the body, then certain areas or internal organs can be deprived of oxygen and nutrients from food, which promotes inflammation, fatigue, muscle fever, toxin deposits in the tissues and more.

5D and 4D techniques are based on multiple movements covering a large proportion of the muscles on the surface of the body. These mechanisms are especially preferred by people who work in an office or who experience discomfort in their neck, shoulders or back.

2. The world’s first 5D massage chairs, perfect for posture correction

People who sit in a chair for a long time or have a static job know best how important correct body posture is at the desk. Although maintaining proper posture is essential to prevent back discomfort and potential spinal problems, in reality too few people take action.

When you incorporate 5D or 4D massage sessions into your daily routine you help your body increase its mobility. This can be especially beneficial for athletes, active people or those who perform physically demanding activities. By stimulating pressure points in the neck, shoulders, back and other areas where fatigue accumulates, these techniques can support balance between emotions and the body.

These massage techniques release fatigue from deep in the back muscles, allowing the body to naturally adopt and maintain correct posture. This also reduces the potential risk of health problems requiring complex interventions or other discomfort in the spine.

Both 5D and 4D massage techniques are designed to prevent certain conditions associated with stress either due to a sedentary lifestyle, incorrect posture in the office chair or a physically demanding lifestyle.

It is also advisable to alternate massage programmes, body areas and intensity levels. In this way you help the blood to circulate throughout the body by unblocking all sensitive, stiff or rigid areas, either due to sedentary lifestyles or physical overstrain.

When you use multiple types, functiones, techniques and programmes for massaging different areas and when you alternate intensity levels you prevent muscle fatigue and the pain that can result. Choosing a 5D or 4D massage chair is subjective. In conclusion, such a purchase is at the discretion of each user and is a decision justified by individual physical condition, long-term expectations, preferences and particular needs.