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Deep Tissue Electric Massage. What are the benefits?

By April 17, 2024Massage chair

A Deep Tissue electric massage focuses on deep tissue relaxation, which prevents or relieves muscle contractions. This type of massage is ideal for relaxing different parts of the body, from the neck, shoulders, back and other tense areas. What are the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage?

Which categories of people are most recommended for Deep Tissue Electric Massage?


  1. Deep Tissue Electric Massage to boost flexibility
  2. Deep Tissue Electric Massage – to whom is it recommended?

1. Deep Tissue Electric Massage to boost flexibility

Regular Deep Tissue Electric Massage can stimulate joint and muscle flexibility, which increases your ability to move. This is even more beneficial to athletes who want to perform. Also, blood circulation blockages are the most common problems faced by sedentary people or those who work a lot at a desk.

Because of incorrect posture in the chair or because of the habit of sitting for long hours at a desk without a break, numbness, tension and stiffness can occur in certain areas of the body. The purpose of a Deep Tissue electric massage is to relax deep tissues in numb areas and allow blood to circulate.

By improving blood flow, muscle contractions relax and there is also a natural process by which the body recovers from trauma. A Deep Tissue electric massage can contribute to a restful sleep routine. By reducing the discomfort specific to muscular stress, endorphins are stimulated, which gives a state of inner calm.

2. Deep Tissue Electric Massage – to whom is it recommended?

A Deep Tissue robotic massage is recommended for a diverse range of people, such as:

  • Employees with office work

People who have a desk job know best what numbness means in specific areas such as the neck and back. To prevent discomfort from worsening and to maintain an optimal mental tone throughout the day, it is advisable to take relaxation breaks and do moderate exercise during this time.

In the meantime, after getting up from the table, do a little exercise and when you get home enjoy a relaxing session in theĀ JP-1100, JP-2000 or JP-3000 massage chair, depending on your individual preference. A few minutes of deep massage every day helps to manage and soothe tension.

  • Sportsmen and athletes

Massage is also recommended for athletes, sportsmen and women, people who have a generally active lifestyle and who need a quick solution to reduce muscle tension after training. This type of massage can also be used to warm up the body before exercise to prevent muscle fever or exercise injuries.

  • People with posture problems

People who experience discomfort due to incorrect posture at the office can get back health benefits from massage. This type of massage can improve body alignment and remove muscle stress from the back.

  • People with high stress levels

A regular Deep Tissue electric massage has positive effects on stress hormone balancing. Along with the relaxation of muscles and joints a state of mental comfort is indicated, which also helps the body to benefit from uninterrupted sleep throughout the night.

So a Deep Tissue electric massage is always welcome, whether you’re training at the gym, playing a sport, working in an office or leading a more sedentary lifestyle. Your muscles need regular reinvigoration because your neck, shoulders or back accumulate fatigue and stress from the day. Muscle stiffness also blocks blood flow, which does not allow oxygen to reach all tissues. This can cause a variety of discomforts that affect quality of life.

In the absence of solutions to relax the body, localised discomfort begins to appear in the respective areas, which affects the general mood and impairs daytime performance.