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Electric rejuvenating massage. Top benefits for the body

By April 4, 2024April 8th, 2024Massage chair

You may have heard a lot about what an electric rejuvenating massage can involve, but you haven’t had the opportunity to experience the sensation or the benefits it offers. Massage can be tried in dedicated relaxation centres or is available on the menu of massage chairs, both for whole body rejuvenation and for different areas of the body. Find out more about what an electric rejuvenating massage means or entails, what benefits it offers and why it’s worth including in your relaxation routine.


  1. Electric rejuvenating massage – how do massage chairs work?
  2. Electric rejuvenating massage – does the massage chair help release toxins?

1. Electric rejuvenating massage – how do massage chairs work?

Getting an electric rejuvenating massage can be one of the smart and always handy solutions to combat the risks to your skin. Everything around us can pose a potential danger to the appearance of our skin, so our skincare routine needs constant improvement.

Poor nutrition, exposure to pollution, poor stress management, lack of detoxification routines are some of the most common enemies of healthy skin. An electric rejuvenating massage offers benefits that should not be neglected, but this solution cannot replace following a lifestyle based on sport and a healthy diet.

Skin conditions can also occur as a result of certain problems for which it may be necessary to consult a specialist doctor for appropriate treatment. Instead, to delay these unpleasant consequences on your skin it is advisable to optimise your diet and adopt the right methods to support your body to get rid of toxins.

For example, using chairs equipped with electric rejuvenation massage can help you activate lymph, blood, stimulate muscles all over the body or just in a specific area, depending on your choices. The typical mechanism of an electric rejuvenating massage chair applies pressure adapted to the state of the muscles, corresponding to deep or superficial tissues. The robotic massage also applies gentle or gentle tapping movements, kneading movements, plus others that stimulate lymph flow.

By unblocking the lymph you help the body to eliminate waste from the tissues through the liver and kidneys, which contributes to toned skin. Also, by ridding tissues of toxins you free up space for nutrients absorbed from food. Another important aspect for the benefit of the skin is that an electric rejuvenating massage stimulates the muscles and helps to burn fat stored in the muscles.

2. Electric rejuvenating massage – does the massage chair help release toxins?

The presence of an electric massage chair is welcome in any interior, as it is a piece of furniture with a multi-functional role that benefits any design style. For quick relaxation you can enjoy the 7-minuteĀ Quick Massage programme. However, for visible results it is recommended to do 15 minutes of massage daily or 2-3 times a week to use 30-minute programmes. In general, massages are beneficial to everyone, but rejuvenating massages are especially recommended for people over 30.

Around this age, in general, people place even greater importance on skin care, and stress, diet routine, pollution and environmental factors begin to take their toll, leaving visible signs that can affect appearance. An electric rejuvenating massage also relaxes stiff, stiff areas where blood cannot penetrate. Because of this, oxygen cannot get there either and local discomfort arises.

Adding an electric rejuvenating massage to at least your daily routine offers a generous array of benefits with multiple positive effects on the body. First of all, you activate the circulatory systems, support detoxification or purification of tissues, prevent inflammation and thus maintain optimal health on the inside, which implicitly benefits the aesthetic aspect as well.