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Shiatsu and reflexology. Top 3 benefits for immunity

By March 28, 2024Massage chair

Why is shiatsu and reflexology beneficial for our immunity? A strong immune system is crucial for overall long-term health, and is an important shield against common infections. Consistent use of massage chairs that include programmes such as shiatsu and reflexology is an inspired solution for relaxation and boosting immunity.


  1. Shiatsu and reflexology for stimulating lymph and detoxifying the body – are massage chairs better than massage?
  2. Shiatsu and reflexology for the prevention of sleep disorders

1. Shiatsu and reflexology for stimulating lymph and detoxifying the body – are massage chairs better than massage?

What are the most important benefits that such massages give your body? Why is it worth completing your daily relaxation routine with these two massages? In addition, discover the advantages of having a massage chair in the comfort of your home.

  • Stimulation of blood and lymph flow

Unblocking blood and lymph circulation are among the most significant benefits of shiatsu massage and reflexology. These processes in turn support the immune system. Shiatsu and reflexology have the ability to unblock energy points on the surface of the body, which supports both the lymphatic and blood systems. Lymph circulates throughout the body, which accelerates the detoxification of the blood of metabolic waste and toxins.

Blood supplies the organs with nutrients and oxygen, a process that supports their optimal functioning and strengthens their resistance to disease. The air cushions that make up massage chairs stimulate the reticular tissue, which contains the lymphocytes essential for immunity. So air cushion compression massage is crucial for immunity. The JP-3000 massage chair model is designed with, among other options, Mindfulness and Conditioning, both equipped with air cushions placed all over the body. The intensity of the air cushions can be adjusted from the remote control and set to 7 levels for an effective massage tailored to your body condition at any given moment.

  • Improved response to stressors

Prolonged stress makes the immune system vulnerable, which exposes the body to various conditions. Also, excess stress hormone, i.e. cortisol, can even block the body’s ability to defend itself against attacks from bacteria, viruses, microbes, which increases the risk of developing chronic diseases. During shiatsu massage or reflexology, certain key points are gently stimulated where fatigue from the day’s work piles up.

The rollers in the sole massage the entire surface, relieving tiredness and directing blood to other areas of the body. Both massages support the release of endorphins in the brain, which increases tone, relaxes the body and protects immunity. To amplify the stress-relieving effect you can use Bluetooth speakers and balance cortisol levels with relaxing music.

2. Shiatsu and reflexology for the prevention of sleep disorders

Rest is vital not only for our immunity but also for our quality of life. Sleep regulates body functions, helps regenerate cells and reduces the potential for developing viral infections. On the other hand, poor rest sabotages the immune system’s resistance. Build a routine before bedtime that includes shiatsu and reflexology.

After a long day of standing, going to workouts or just sitting in the office chair are some of the causes that generate the feeling of tired feet, blocking blood circulation to the legs, generating a general weakened mood. Reflexology has the potential to relieve these problems, which helps the body relax before an uninterrupted sleep.

Shiatsu massage applies pressure to different areas of the body, where sensitivities, stiffness are identified, where more attention is needed. Thus, with the help of shiatsu massage, you release the body from tension, which can help you fall asleep more easily and reduce the frequency of awakenings during the night.

Shiatsu and reflexology are among the most popular relaxation massages, providing a generous array of long-lasting overall health benefits.