Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Brown 5DAI PLUS

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Massage Chair Cyber Relax Fujiiryoki JP-3000 5DAI PLUS  is using Artificial Intelligence, the control system automatically transmits the user’s body shape, muscle condition and other information to the massager.
Intensity, technique, dexterity are tailored and made to the individual user.

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Fujiiryoki JP-3000 5DAI full body massage chair offers the new massage experience that promotes optimal performance of the body and mind.

  • 5D-Al Mecha PLUS

The two kneading mecha balls has been cultivated by Fujiiryoki full body massage chair for more than 20 years. Fine and efficient, Japanese quality kneading is achieved through the Al.

Through the Al control of kneading and a high-precision motor, the past mechanical movements have been successfully upgraded into a real hand-like, smooth massage. In addition, in order to relieve body stiffness with a stable and upright on point massage, intensity is adjusted according to muscle state each person has at the moment.

  • Conditioning Massage

Bodycare – Through AI analysis, to experience the massage that best suits the body’s current state.

Balance – Stretch massages that lead to the best state of muscle balance.

Being – Creating a period of relaxation to relieve the mental state.

  • Fujiiryoki Artificial Intelligence Massage technology

The AI automatically transfers user body shape, muscles status and other information to thefull body massage chair intensity according to each user’s needs, techniques are adjusted and smoothened up accordingly.

AI Double Sensing PLUS – The position of the shoulders is detected by the ‘Shoulder Position Detection System‘, while the backline is detected by the ‘Backline Detection System’ by measuring

Cyber Relasx Massage chair 5D-AI Mecha PLUS – The two kneading balls and the high precision motor are controlled by AI, which allows for a smooth and hand like massage. Intensity is adjusted accordingly to the state of each person’s muscles in order to relieve stiffness.

  • User Customised Mode

The position of the shoulders. back line, the intensity of the airbags and reclining angle can all be registered to suit each user’s preferences.

Body Shape Detection – AI technology can automatically optimise the massage points, by detecting the backline and the position of the shoulders.

Customised kneading intensity from shoulders to hips – The intensity of the kneading balls can be adjusted accordingly.

Customised Relaxing Position – The reclining angle position of the massage chair can be adjusted and registered into all programs.

Customised Air Massage Intensity – The intensity of each airbag that massage 8 different parts of your body can be recorded separately.

  • Airbags Massage Chair

Shoulder and back massage – 7 levels of adjustment – A massage that wraps your whole body from the shoulders to the back.

Waist massage – 7 levels of adjustment – Loosens muscles throughout the body.

Arm – 7 levels of adjustments – Massages the elbows and fingertips.

Legs massage – 7 levels of adjustments – Calves and ankles are relieved through repetitive compression and release.

  • Bluetooth Speakers massage chair

A relaxing sound-surrounded space is created by left and right bass-reflex speakers, placed near the ears.

  • Double heating massage chair

A comfortable massage time is created by two heating systems, for the soles, waist and abdomen. The built-in warming function of the pads can be used independently and placed behind the back or around the waist, or can even be unzipped and placed on the abdomen.

Quick- Heat Multi-heaters – The pads with built-in warming function can be placed behind the back to warm up around the waist, or can be unzipped and placed on the front to warm around the abdomen.

Foot Sole Heating – Gently warming up the feet, which tend to get cold easily.

  • Mindfulness Course

A 30 minute airbag only massage course, based on the concept of meditation, that carefully and gently calms and relaxes the whole body.

  • Total Relax Position

Comfortable, lying position will increase the relaxation rate and ensure optimal stretching effects. It’s the effects of stretch that you can actually sense.

Fujiiryoki JP-3000 5DAI Foot Sole Shiatsu

Cyber Relax Massage Chair – The airbag keeps ankle and instep in place, as if a hand grips the foot, and then a special roller massages the sole of the foot.

By regulating the strength of the air bag holding ankle and instep, the intensity of the foot roller can be adjusted in three levels. According to preferences, the foot roller can also be turned off.

Footrest Perfect Fit – The double sliding mechanism (electric and spring) allows to accommodate various users heights and leg types.

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