Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-1100, 4D/4S Mecha Brown

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Fujiiryoki has brought together the latest technology to bring you the best massage chair.

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Fujiiryoki JP-1100 Massage Chair – Air Massage

Wraps your body with 31 air bags and helps you comfortably release the fatigue. To further enhance your comfort, we have installed a feature that lets you adjust the strength for each area. Air massages are based upon a repetition of the press and release cycle. You’ll experience a feeling of blissful vitality with the movement of our airbags that replicates the power and flexibility of a professional hand massage and the feature that allows you to choose your preferred strength level for each part of your body.

Shoulder Massage – First level strength adjustment – Massages by wrapping portion from your shoulders to the upper arms from the outside.

Arm Massage – Three level strength adjustment – Massages by firmly squeezing the portion from your elbows up to the fingertips.

Waist/Pelvis Massage – Five level strength adjustment – Relaxes a wide range of muscles from around the pelvis to the back of the knee.

Leg Massage – Five level strength adjustment – Repeats the cycle of compression and release to relax your legs from calves, ankles up to the insteps of the feet.

The knees are secured by airbags on the left and right, stimulating a zone around the line. At the same time, in order to relieve calves, airbags at the back apply pressure on their sides until they relax.

Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-1100 – Triple-mode air system

The japanese massage chair offers three air modes to replicate the flexibility of a hand massage. In order to control the flow and air velocity, this device has a “flow rate adjustment” function. Depending on your own preference, you can select from three options: “HandKneading” mode with a wide range of massage speed, “Pulse” mode to stimulate blood flow by providing and releasing air in small quantities each time, and “Normal” mode that massages the body as strongly as possible.

Intensive massage for the soles

Special rollers that match the shoe’s arch are used. Airbags at the ankles and insteps work in tandem, which holds your feet and gives you a massage that feels like shiatsu. And heaters are also helping blood circulation by warming the toes.

3-level strength adjustment: You can choose a strength for the rollers on the soles from 3 levels by adjusting the strength of the airbags that support your ankles up to the insteps. If you’d like to, you may also shut off the rollers.

Unique shape of the rollers: The shape of the roller offers two types of protrusions, high protrusions and gentle protrusions, which stretch and extend the feet from the arch to the outer edge of the sole and relax them.

As we are supported by the entire body, our feet often suffer from fatigue. It is important to relax the soles (plantar fascia).

Plantar Fascia is a muscle which acts as an arch support for the sole, extending from the heel to the base of the foot. It’ll absorb the impact of walking. It is important to massage and relieve tension from the soles of our feet which always bear the burden of our body.

Flat Position

High-quality sleeping posture to help you feel a sense of comfort. Surrender your entire body and relax.

Power Stretch

A new way to loosen and relax the muscles. For improved massage effectiveness, you will find a series of new stretches.

Japanese Massage Chair – 3 types of foot stretches

Knees stretch – With the legs in a lower position, the calves and sides of the waist are secured. The legs are stretched out as they slide.

Foot stretch – Stretch angle 25% more – Legs are firmly secured with airbags and pulled downwards.

Double stretch – Stretch angle 25% more – Legs are secured with airbags, stretched up and then pulled down.

Power Stretch

Jaoanese Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-1100 muscle stretching movements increase the effectiveness of massage, aimed at relaxing and relaxing the muscles.

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