Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-1100, 4D/4S Mecha

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Full body Massage Chair Fujiiryoki has brought together the latest technology to bring you the best massage chair.

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Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-1100 latest technology

Fujiiryoki understands that everyone’s body has different needs and problems.Full body Massage Chair Fujiiryoki’s “JP-1100” product line solves everyone’s problems, whether it is back pain, lower back pain, leg fatigue, shoulder blades or upper shoulders.

Beauty and healing.

The quality of your interior space can also be enhanced because the JP-1100 massage chair has a sophisticated design with a touch of class.

Double heaters massage chair

Muscles around the spinal column and toes, which tend to stiffen, and toes, are warmed by two types of heaters.

Back center heater – Effective heating of the area around the spinal column is provided by the film heaters installed on the back of the backrest.

Foot sole heaters – Gradually warms the toes, which tend to get cold, and relaxes them.

* It is possible to use just the heater. * Pre-set temperature: Approx. 43° (set temperature and the ‘feels like’ temperature varies).

Body Trunk Relaxing Techniques – 3 types – Takes care of the trunk to restore the body’s balance.

Upper core – For stiffness around the shoulder blades essential for maintaining posture – It grips the portion from your shoulders to the upper arms from the outside while carefully taking care of the stiffness around the shoulder blades.

Lower core – Care targeting the line from your waist up to the buttocks –  It locks the pelvis with airbags near the waist and relaxes the muscles from the waist to the buttocks.

Lower core stretch – For stiffness in the muscles supporting the pelvis- It performs twisting motions with the airbags near the stretch pelvis and gives stretch massages such as extending the muscles of the buttocks.

Region intensive stretches – 3 types –This offers courses to stretch the body with stretches specialized for each body part.

Neck stretch – It stretches the nape of the neck by fixing the neck with knead balls and extending the entire body with footrests.

Back stretch – After stretching your entire body with footrests, it lifts up and arches the back.

Waist stretch – It extends the legs and pulls them down while at the same time pushing and stretching the waist up.

41 types, 85 kinds of kneading techniques – Offers a variety of specialized techniques targeting all the areas such as the Neck, Shoulders, Back, Waist, Hips.

Various part focused massages utilizing the kneading balls to their fullest extent. It’s equipped with 85 of the most advanced kneading techniques, including spot specific movements. It’s offering personalised special techniques, such as “loop kneading” “Three dimensional wavelet” techniques.

Neck relax – Kneading balls grasp and stretch the neck which promotes blood circulation around the neck.

Shoulders – Stimulates the shoulders deeply from the top to relieve the stiffness in the trapezius muscles.

Waist – Effectively relieves the waist and buttocks from fatigue and neuralgia or muscle pain.

Unique Feature Deep Layer Approach Technique

New types of new kneading techniques that work on “deep layers of muscles” which create a high degree of stiffness. The massage chair offers “deep layer approach techniques” to relieve the chronic stiffness experienced by people these days more deeply and delicately. Full body Massage Chair Fujiryoki brings you knead rollers, with the highest rate of protrusion in the industry of about 12.5cm, that can be controlled minutely to work thoroughly on the deep layers of your muscles. From muscles behind the neck supporting the head to the deep muscles around the hips that can cause back ache, it intensively massages each part of your body.

Neck Shiatsu – Loosens and relaxes the “semispinalis capitis muscles” behind the neck that support the head

Neck Knead – Kneads and relaxes the muscles that pull down the shoulder blades. Effective for stiffness in shoulders caused by bad posture

Inner Back Shoulder – Intensively kneads and relaxes the muscles that pul the shoulder blades back when you stretch your chest (rhomboid muscles).

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