Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Black, 5DAI PLUS

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Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Black, 5DAI PLUS is using Artificial Intelligence, the control system automatically transmits the user’s body shape, muscle condition and other information to the massager.
Intensity, technique, dexterity are tailored and made to the individual user.

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Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Black – Kneading action of 5D-AI

Full body Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Black has the new massage experience that promotes optimal performance of the body and mind.

Smooth Approach – Kneading is done in a slow motion to achieve a smooth movement that reduces the mechanical sensation.

Thorough Shiatsu Massage chair – When the mecha protrudes (shiatsu) the movement gradually slows down, allowing the kneading balls to be carefully pressed into the body.

Firm Kneading – The Al automatically adjusts to perform, with stable intensity. a firm kneading massage on stiff spots.

  • 6 Types of Region-focused Stretch

Neck Stretch

Shoulder Stretch – Stretch menu for shoulders, obtained through lifting up and releasing movements.

Back Stretch

Waist Stretch

Arch Stretch – Menu that slowly bends and stretches the upper body

Leg/Knee Stretch – Stretch menu that focuses on the knees

Stretching and relaxing muscle tension of the whole body and of single body parts for a perfect tune-up.

  • Diverse Stretching Menus – 5 Types of Full Body Stretch

Everyday full-body Stretch Menu (18 minutes)
Technical Stretch
Extreme Whole Body Stretch
Whole Body Stretch
Whole Body Air

  • Al Double Sensing PLUS

The “Shoulder Position Detection System”, which determines the position of the shoulders, calculates the massage point, then the “Backline Detection System”, which measures eight different points on the spine, determines the backline. The 5D-Al movement PLUS automatically adjusts itself along this spinal curve to achieve the most comfortable massage.

The two kneading balls mecha has been cultivated by Fujiiryoki for more than 20 years.Fine and efficient, Japanese quality kneading is achieved through the Al.

The AI automatically transfers user body shape, muscles status and other information to the massage intensity according to each user’s needs, techniques are adjusted and smoothened up accordingly.

AI Double Sensing PLUS – The position of the shoulders is detected by the ‘Shoulder Position Detection System‘, while the backline is detected by the ‘Backline Detection System’ by measuring

8 different points on the spine.

5D-AI Mecha PLUS – The two kneading balls and the high precision motor are controlled by AI, which allows for a smooth and hand like massage. Intensity is adjusted accordingly to the state of each person’s muscles in order to relieve stiffness.

  • User Customised Mode

The position of the shoulders. back line, the intensity of the airbags and reclining angle can all be registered to suit each user’s preferences.

Body Shape Detection – AI technology can automatically optimise the massage points, by detecting the backline and the position of the shoulders.

Customised kneading intensity from shoulders to hips – The intensity of the kneading balls can be adjusted accordingly.

Customised Relaxing Position – The reclining angle position of the massage chair can be adjusted and registered into all programs.

Customised Air Massage Intensity – The intensity of each airbag that massage 8 different parts of your body can be recorded separately.

  • Full body Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Black Bluetooth Speakers

A relaxing sound-surrounded space is created by left and right bass-reflex speakers, placed near the ears.

  • 38 Course Menus creating a special experience every day

A rich offer to satisfy all preferences, as it’s possible to choose among 38 courses, 23 automatic and 15 part-focused ones.

  • 4.3″ Full Color Touch Screen Remote Control

The large screen is easy to read, and operate

  • Voice Guidance Function

An easy-to-understand voice guidance helps with each operation step.

  • Foot Sole Shiatsu Massage chair

As if a hand were gripping the foot, the airbag keeps the ankle and instep in place, and a special roller massages the sole of the foot.

The intensity of the foot roller may be adjusted in three steps by adjusting the strength of its air bag with ankle and toe joints. It is also possible to turn off the foot roller depending on your preferences.

  • Footrest Perfect Fit

Full body Massage Chair – Different user heights and types of feet can be accommodated by a dual slide mechanism with an electric or hydraulic spring.


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