Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-2000 5D+AI Black

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Full Body Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-2000 5D+AI the epitome of relaxation and comfort, immerse yourself in ultimate rejuvenation with Fujiryoki premium massage chair.

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Fujiiryoki JP-2000 – AI Double Sensing

In order to experience an optimal massage according to your body shape, the sophisticated high precision sensor uses a mechanism called 5D-AI which is capable of accurately detecting your postural position and shoulder height by reflecting information from this mechanism. The S-line Detection System, which detects the spine line, adjusts the intensity of the massage, while the Shoulder Position Detection System, which detects the shoulder position of each massage point, is optimised. The user’s body shape is detected automatically and more accurately through AI double sensing and this shape is reflected in the treatment through 5D-AI.

5D-AI mechanism

With Fujiiryoki’s AI control system, we have developed a technique of smoothness and comfort. It reads the state of your muscles and automatically corrects to stable movements. The air massage wraps up your whole body, relieving the built-up fatigue. By controlling the massaging movements through AI and with a high precision motor, we have developed smooth massages that feel like they’re given by hand, rather than mechanical movements. Also the intensity is automatically adjusted in real time to match the individual’s state of muscles to relax the stiff points with a stable massage.

  • Foot sole massage

Just like a professional masseuse holds your feet in place while performing reflexology on the soles of your feet, your ankles and insteps will be held in place by airbags while the rollers are firm. will vigorously massage your entire foot.

  • Air Massage – 31 airbags wrap the whole body to ease the fatigue that troubles people today.

Decrease your body’s load with 31 airbags in order to stop the accumulated fatigue. This system is equipped with a feature that allows each part of the body to be adjusted in terms of strength, according to your comfort.

  • Belly warmer

The circulatory system is affected by the application of heat to the abdominal area, causing vasodilation, increased blood flow and increased metabolic rate. It increases elasticity, reduces soft tissue pain and reduces connective tissue spasticity.

Quick heat multi-heaters

Best Full body Massage Chair Fujiiryoki has been using back cushions with heaters built in. You can warm the area around your waist if you’re lying on your back, whereas you can warm the area around your stomach if you remove the zipper and place it at the front.

Foot sole heater

Gently warms the feet that tend to get cold easily.

It is possible to just use the heaters. Set temperature: approximately 43 degrees (set temperature and feels like temperature can differ)

  • Elaborately massage each part with air.

Japanese Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-2000 has air massage that brings you comfort by repeatedly pressing and releasing. You can experience a blissful time with the movements of the airbags that reproduce the strength and suppleness of a hand massage and a strength adjustment function that allows you to select your preferred strength for each part.

Triple mode air system – You can choose your favourite mode from 3 modes that reproduce the suppleness of hand movements.

Hand massage mode- focuses on effectiveness – Carefully and slowly applies pressure while maintaining a comfortable pressure.

Pulse mode: focuses on blood circulation – Promotes blood circulation by repeatedly supplying and exhausting air in small quantities.

Normal mode – Massages each area intensively by repeatedly supplying and exhausting large amount of air.

  • Comfortably stretches the area that tend to get stiff.

3 types of stretching techniques – neck stretch, back stretch, waist stretch

The feet are extended and stretched to reinforce each part, while the body is secured with an airbag or a kneading ball.

Fujiiryoki JP-2000 Full Body Massage Chair-Swing stretch massage function

The entire body is carefully stretched as the body is held in place by the airbag and the back and legs are moved up and down simultaneously.

Lets you choose from an overwhelming number of menus – 35 types of courses

You can experience your favorite massage using a large, easy to read LCD touch panel remote control and an audio guide

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