Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair

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Experience the revolutionary heat massage therapy Real PRO ULTRA Total BodyMassage Chair with HEATED Massage Rollers

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Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair – Heated massage rollers

Panasonic MA70 Massage Chair¬†massage rollers are designed to reproduce the warmth of a skilled masseuse’s hands, in addition to sensitising and replenishing the sensation of hotstone therapy, loosening tight, pained muscles within the neck, shoulders and back.

Healing effects of full body massage chair Panasonic’s newest innovation provides warmth for swelling and relaxation of tense muscles with builtin thermal massage balls. This technology is based on the calming strokes of a massage therapist’s warm, skilled hand that provide complete relaxation for tired and sore muscles.

Panasonic MA70 – 3D Massage Techniques

The newest innovation from full body massage chair Panasonic allows for up, down, left or right and front to back 3D massage movements that offer professional techniques such as straightline pressure and Shiatsu Kneading in which the thumb is applied circularly.

  • Ultra Kneading
  • Shiatsu
  • Gentle Kneading
  • Rolling
  • Tapping

Body stretching massage

Shoulder blades stretch – Knead back area, Hold both sides of the shoulders at the same time.

When the massage balls massage the back, the airbags hold the two sides of the shoulder in place. It stretched across the shoulders to the chest.

Pelvis stretch – Trunk twisting, Stretching

As the massage balls are applied to the back, airbags on both sides encircle the pelvic area.

“Junetsu” massage techniques –¬†quickly loosens up tight muscles and invigorates muscles. down to your bones’ surface

The new, fingerlike massaging roller moves with precise circles and agile movements that unravel stiffness’s core.

Professional massage – Professional massage chair for sale

  • Shoulder Massage – relaxes shoulders
  • Hand & Arm Massage – Kneading upper and lower in key tension points relaxes hands & arms
  • Hip & Thigh Massage – Airbags for waist and legs loosen tight muscles.
  • Buttock, Pelvis & Thigh Stretch – for better relaxation
  • Calf Kneading – Kneads both side & back of calves
  • Foot Massage – Foot Massage with 3D air cushions for a realistic massage experience.

Shoulder position adjustment

The adjustment settings for professional massage chair for sale automatically adjusting the shoulder position are adjusted in order to correspond with body size of individual family members. Sensor technology provides a gentle massaging for each back and shoulder’s individual structures that takes special care of the spine.

A wide range of neck and shoulder massages

Vertically, the wide range of therapeutic massages is covered: 78 cm 30.7 in. and horizontality: 2 cm 8.3 in. The shoulder massage roller, which protrudes 12.5 cm4.9 in, massages the shoulders of people with large builds and hits all the right spots.

6 automatic full body massage programs – massage programs that target different areas and different needs

  • Shiatsu program – It’s a good way to rest after a long day, and relieve some of the neck and back pain.
  • Deep program
  • Refresh program – Improve your circulation, reduce tension, decrease anxiety, relieve sleep disorders, and promote relaxation throughout the entire body that results in a wider range of benefits.
  • Hip program – It can help with the reduction of inflammation, restoring mobility and flexibility as well as reducing stress and tension.
  • Neck and shoulder program – The natural relief of sore muscles and pain is provided by a neck and shoulder massager. The massage of the neck and shoulders gives you great relief for areas that are hard to reach on both sides of your neck. After a hard day’s work, increasing muscle mass in the neck and shoulders can give you great relief from stress.
  • Lower back program – Lower back massages enhance muscle temperature and tissue elasticity as well as flexibility around the joint. Muscle stiffness is alleviated by increased tissue elasticity and flexibility of the joints. Pain and restriction are reduced and the range of movement increased as a result of the relief of muscle tension.

Different massage styles and massage techniques can be combined – It includes one of five fundamental massage techniques called the kneading process” and special movements in order to relieve especially sensitive parts of the body.

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