Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 White 5DAI PLUS

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Full Body Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-3000 White 5DAI PLUS is using Artificial Intelligence, the control system automatically transmits the user’s body shape, muscle condition and other information to the massager.
Intensity, technique, dexterity are tailored and made to the individual user.

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Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Full body Massage Chair White Al Double Sensing Plus

Fujiiryoki JP-3000 White creates the new massage experience that promotes optimal performance of the body and mind.

By detecting 8 backline massage points, it’s possible to automatically optimize and adjust the massage according to the user.

The shoulder positioning detection system, which will calculate the massage point and then determine the back line by measuring 8 different points on the spine, is designed to detect positions of shoulders. In order to achieve the greatest degree of comfort for your massage, 5D PLUSAl’s movement automatically adapts itself as you move through this spine curve.

Automatic detection of shoulder position – To confirm muscles position from the shoulders to the waist

Automatic detection of backline – To optimize kneading intensity

The Al makes a 3D recognition of the user’s body shape and predicts the massage points.

53 Kneading Massage Techniques

The “power” and “technique” of the two kneading balls mecha allow a precise massage.

Tapping Spiral Knead – Using small circular motions to knead and soothe stiff muscles, then tapping to loosen them.

Wavelet – Kneading and tapping at the same time with fine movements, massaging a wide area.

Irregular Waves Wavelet – Deep muscle massage through quick kneading and tapping.

Upward Lifting/Downward Pressing – Kneading slowly and deeply while stretching the muscles through pressing and lifting movements.

Tapping Precision Spiral Knead – Small circular motions to relax stiff muscles.

Rubbing Massage – Kneading while rubbing, smoothly relaxing the muscles.

Conditioning Massage Techniques

Bodycare – Through AI analysis, to experience the massage that best suits the body’s current state.

Balance – Stretch massages that lead to the best state of muscle balance.

Being – Creating a period of relaxation to relieve the mental state.

Fujiiryoki JP-3000 Full Body Massage Chair White Double Stretch Massage 

While pelvis and legs are kept in place through the airbags, the legs are also pulled forward and downward, stretching the body and relieving muscles stiffness.

  • Fujiiryoki massage chair Artificial Intelligence Massage technology

The AI automatically transfers user body shape, muscles status and other information to the massage intensity according to each user’s needs, techniques are adjusted and smoothened up accordingly.

AI Double Sensing PLUS – The position of the shoulders is detected by the ‘Shoulder Position Detection System‘, while the backline is detected by the ‘Backline Detection System’ by measuring

8 different points on the spine.

5D-AI Mecha PLUS – The two kneading balls and the high precision motor are controlled by AI, which allows for a smooth and hand like massage. Intensity is adjusted accordingly to the state of each person’s muscles in order to relieve stiffness.

  • User Customised Mode

The position of the shoulders. back line, the intensity of the airbags and reclining angle can all be registered to suit each user’s preferences.

Body Shape Detection – AI technology can automatically optimise the massage points, by detecting the backline and the position of the shoulders.

Customised kneading intensity from shoulders to hips –¬†The intensity of the kneading balls can be adjusted accordingly.

Customised Relaxing Position – The reclining angle position of the massage chair can be adjusted and registered into all programs.

Customised Air Massage Intensity РThe intensity of each airbag that massage 8 different parts of your body can be recorded separately.

  • Airbags Massage chair

Shoulder and back massage – 7 levels of adjustment – A massage that wraps your whole body from the shoulders to the back.

Waist massage – 7 levels of adjustment – Loosens muscles throughout the body.

Arm – 7 levels of adjustments – Massages the elbows and fingertips.

Legs massage – 7 levels of adjustments – Calves and ankles are relieved through repetitive compression and release.

High-speed Inflation Airbag System – Exclusive Function

The High Capacity Airbags are able to function powerfully and enhance the massage effect thanks to a high flow and pressure air pump that was installed in the unit.

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