Family Inada ROBO Hybrid Massage Chair

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World’s first Hybrid full body massage chair

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Family Inada ROBO Hybrid Massage Chair Surpasses human hands


Family Inada ROBO Hybrid Massage Chair: The ultimate goal of a full body  massage chair is to catch up with and surpass professional human massage techniques. In order to realize this, there is a need to reproduce the movements of human hands and surpass human massage techniques. In pursuit of “massage comfort that surpasses human hands,” FAMILY INADA started learning from human beings at an early stage and continued research on the movement
of human hands, finally succeeding in the development of a mechanism having first and second finger joints.

The Al hybrid mechanism won the battle with humans!

Family Inada ROBO Hybrid Massage Chair was born from the concept of “surpassing human hands.” The Al hybrid mechanism has made serious inroads in the manipulative therapy of long experienced massage professionals, and has finally come out on top.

Shiatsu massage chair – Automatic shiatsu point search system

By simply sitting down on the main body, the shiatsu points of each family member are automatically searched for and identified.

Five-finger kneading massage

Air cells gently hold forearms to unstiffen the entire arm. The mechanism moves at a maximum stroke of approx. 17cm so that shiatsu points can be massaged regardless of height difference.

Chest holding shoulder top massage

Muscles around the shoulder blades where stiffness easily accumulates are massaged carefully and deeply by moving obliquely along the shoulder blades. Holding the shoulders securely, the mechanism stimulates shiatsu points effectively.

The mechanism of full body massage chair  robo unit pushes in firmly from behind so that shiatsu points can be stimulated properly, holding the top of the shoulders from the front by our proprietary technology in addition to the conventional lateral direction by force of air, just like a massage practitioner performs a massage while holding the shoulders.

The mechanism advances towards the optimum positions, which are located at key shiatsu points.

Entire calves are loosened by up-and-down movements while largely taking hold of the calves. The mechanism automatically moves to perform an accurate massage, directed at the main shiatsu points. The Al hybrid mechanism reproduces a professional massage practitioner’s way of massaging in the orbit of the mechanism, moving up and down, left and right, and back and forth like human hands.

Family Inada ROBO Hybrid Massage Chair 3D sole layer shiatsu massage

The legs are relaxed and massaged, as if they’re being held. In addition, while moving up and down, the rollers massage and unstiffen the soles like kneading according to the size of the feet registered in advance. Hold firmly so as to keep the feet from moving. The rollers move, turning inward and outward, while applying pressure to the soles, in order to fit the shiatsu points. As a professional massage practitioner performs massage, the feet are held down by air to prevent them from moving, and pressure is applied on the soles without dispersing power.

Upper and lower independent circular massage

From the bottor to the top of the back, upper and low mechanism moves separately making sure each part is evenly massaged. By massaging for a sustained amount, the tightness of the back is restored.

Gluteus maximus compression massage

Full body massage chair – The rollers reach deeply in the area of the buttocks and unstiffen the piriformis muscles in the areas of the gluteus maximus muscles and sciatic nerve. The back surfaces of the buttocks and thighs are massaged by the artificial intelligence mechanism and air. By stereoscopically massaging the pelvis and around the buttocks, the muscles outside of the thighs and the lymph nodes of the inner thighs are unstiffened. With the air cells placed on the seat surface and the air cells for the calves in synchronization, the reverse sides of the thighs are pushed up and stretched as the reverse sides of the knees are stretched out.

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