Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-2000 5D+AI Beige

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Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-2000 5D+AI Beige: Discover blissful relaxation in style. Immerse yourself in unparalleled comfort with our luxurious beige massage chair.

Fujiiryoki JP-2000 Massage Chair is the world’s first 5D+AI massage chair made in Japan. Certified by the Ministry of Health in Japan

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The wisdom of Fujiiryoki combined with the kneading mechanisms of AI


Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-2000 massage movements are controlled through AI and a high precision motor in order to offer a massage that feels like is given by hand, while automatically adjusting the intensity to match the user’s state of muscles.

Spine line detection

By detecting the spine line, the intensity of the massage is adjusted automatically and more accurately, in order to optimise the power of the massage.

Kneading techniques

Kneading techniques are available and made to match the user’s neck, shoulders, back, hips and buttocks. With the highest number of kneading movements in the massage chair industry,  Fujiiryoki offers the best spot concentrated massages techniques.

  • Kneading action with 5D-AI mechanism

Smooth approach: Massage movements start slowly to give smooth movements that do not feel mechanical

Thorough acupressure: When the kneading balls protrude (acupressure movements), the speed of the movement is gradually reduced to allow the kneading balls to press firmly into your body.

  • 6 types of massaging technique added including petrissage

Loosening: It loosens muscles by kneading and pushing the stiff spots.

Stretching: Loosens the stiffness by kneading in elliptical movements with a certain strength

Stretch acupressure

Shoulder acupressure

Scapula acupressure

Psoas muscle acupressure

  • Deep approach technique

The Deep Approach technique is a deeper and more detailed massage technique that helps people cope with the chronic stiffness they face today. In order to work on your internal muscles, it precisely controls the kneading balls, using a protrusion of about 12.5 cm, the largest in the industry.

Massage Chair Fujiiryoki JP-2000 – Relaxation before bed

A massage course that offers an effective and relaxing stretch before bed, by loosening the whole body.

Air massage

Relieve all the fatigue from your body by wrapping your whole body with 31 airbags. The degree of strength for each body part can be adjusted for your comfort. The movements of the airbags reproduce the strength and suppleness of a hand massage by repeatedly pressing and releasing.

A large selection of menus and an easy interface for the user.

4.3 inch full colour touch panel remote control – This massage chair includes a large 4.3 inch LCD touch screen that can be viewed and operated easily.

Audio guidance feature – The information needed for operations and massage comfort will be given to you via a voice, making it easier and more reliable.

5 language support – Japanese, English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean – It is compatible with 5 languages, including Japanese. Even for foreigners, this can be used with ease.

Normal mode: With the easy to use color display and menu layout, you can easily select your favorite massage.

Quick mode: You can begin your massage with one touch, thanks to large characters and better visibility.

Quick Course: Intensive care for the whole body for a short time. It’s ideal for you to take a seven minute intensive care course before you go to work, when you’re busy, or when you’re feeling a little tired.

Relaxation and care before bed – Night healing course

Before going to sleep, this massage programe provides an efficient and relaxing stretch and massage. It’s loosening up your whole body and leading to relaxation.

3 types of core techniques – To restore your body’s equilibrium, take care of your core.

Upper core – The shoulders and both arms are pulled from behind as the muscles around the shoulder blades loosen to a very high degree. Takes care of the parts needed for maintaining a proper posture.

Lower core – The pelvis is locked with the airbags next to the waist, while the muscles from the waist to the buttocks are completely relaxed to focus on the line from the waist to the buttocks.

Lower core strength –  Muscles supporting the pelvis are loosened by twisting the area around it with airbags and stretching the muscles in the buttocks.

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