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Do you work remotely? Why it can be a self-discipline plan?

By October 10, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Although the pandemic is long over, some people still prefer work remotely. To be effective when work remotely, self-discipline is the necessary basis that delimits the work schedule and the personal sphere. Working from home means more comfort, but also more sedentariness. In the comfort of home you are more tempted to eat chaotically, swap your desk chair for the living room sofa and cut down on socialising. If you’re a fan of remote or hybrid working, then here are some effective tips to help you get results at work without damaging your physical and emotional health.


    1. Do you work remotely – How do you prepare your psyche for working from home?
    2. Working from home – Simple habits to follow for more results

1.How do you prepare your psyche for working from home?

If breakfast was an exception when you commuted to the office, now there’s no excuse. The positive side of working remotely is being able to eat healthy, tasty food, which automatically means more money in your personal budget and a happier body.

    • Breaks are not Social Media

Did you finish an important task? The first temptation is to scroll down to check your Social Media news. Give yourself a reboot with the help of YouTube exercise programmes. You can try 10 minutes of aerobics, cardio or pilates. Alternate indoor sports with short walks outside and massage therapy.

Sitting in a chair and leaning your body towards your laptop does more damage to your back than you might think. So don’t be surprised if pain builds up at the end of the day in your most stress-sensitive area: your neck and shoulders. Discomfort in the shoulders and neck can cause migraines, nausea and low mood. You can prevent these consequences of poor posture with massage.

Is a massage chair worth it?

Buying a massage chair is an investment that needs to suit your lifestyle. For people who spend a lot of time at the office, the best zero gravity massage chairs have also integrated VIP Course massage programmes. It is designed to identify, through scanning, the stiff areas, i.e. the key points where the highest level of muscle stress has built up. The massage and relaxation chairs recliners get your blood pumping after 8 hours at the desk.

The Air Relaxation massage programme, or warm air massage, stimulates blood circulation that is affected by lack of physical activity. Sport and massage promote better weight control. They support joint mobility. Reduce the risks of diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle: type 2 diabetes, hypertension, stroke, obesity. Optimise emotional health and combat anxiety caused by lack of social interaction.

    • Including remote working requires “office attire”

The self-discipline mentioned above is not just about eating well. If your job allows it, then choose a time when you are most productive. Some people perform best first thing in the morning, while others are more creative in the evening. Avoid working in your pyjamas. Separate your free time from work. Swap your home clothes for work attire, perhaps you can dress up a bit. That way, your brain will know it needs to get ready for work.

2. Working from home – Simple habits to follow for more results

People who have adapted to working from home know best the importance of the right office chair design. The most suitable models are ergonomic chairs that allow the backrest to be adjusted to an angle of 100-110 degrees. It is important that the back stays as close to the backrest as possible, the legs touch the floor and the shoulders stay relaxed.

A constantly stocked pantry that a mere wall separates you from is a challenge to the silhouette of those who spend more time at home than outside. So you have a choice between two body-friendly options: skip the small snacks or stock up on fruit. This way you make up sweet and nutritious recipes, refreshing smoothies for breaks or energising salads. Fruit snacks are also ideal for hydrating the body.

People claim to remember to drink water when they feel thirsty. Feeling thirsty indicates that the body is already dehydrated. Because of this, you complain of headaches, dizziness, nausea, which leads to decreased performance and concentration on tasks.

Start drinking water from small containers that you fill regularly. Large glasses can be discouraging when you see how much water you need to drink to keep hydrated in optimal parameters. If you don’t like the taste of water, then neutralise the drink with a few slices of lemon or cucumber, otherwise high water foods.

In conclusion, working from home can be a start to improving self-discipline in life. You have control over your diet, eat less, cook more and cook healthier. You have more time for sport and revitalise yourself during breaks with alternative relaxation therapies.