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Which is the best massage chair to buy?

By March 5, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

The best massage chair to buy is an investment for the whole family, and is a simple and versatile way to relax after a tiring day at work. Regular use of these devices is a simple and smart way to support overall health. What are the criteria to look for when deciding to buy a massage chair? Read on for some of the most important clues that your choice will be an investment with long-term benefits.


    1. The best massage chair to buy – what to look out for before making a purchase?
    2. How to choose a massage chair?

1. The best massage chair to buy – What to look out for before making a purchase?

The best massage chair to buy are based on high-performance technology capable of supporting a wide range of needs. So, the massage device that is worth your investment is the one that can provide comfort to both an active lifestyle person, or someone who works a lot in an office, who spends a long time in a fixed position (e.g. dentists, beauticians, painters, etc.), as well as elderly people with a sedentary lifestyle.

We should also not neglect the impact that stress has on us, as it is part of the modern human routine. The harmful consequences of a stressful life are well known, and robotic massage is among the most useful methods of reducing cortisol and improving resistance to stressors.

As already specified, people are different in lifestyle, so massage has to adapt accordingly. To this end, the best massage chair to buy is equipped with Artificial Intelligence-based systems. Its role is to scan the shape of the body, detect stiff areas and thus apply the massage according to the physical condition of each person starting the respective massage session. So Artificial Intelligence should be the essential criterion to check before making a decision. In this way you are guaranteed to receive massages tailored to your body’s needs, making relaxation sessions also therapeutic.

The best massage chair to buy also offers heating for the most sensitive points of the body. The massage chairs in our range have built-in back and leg warmers. That way, you eliminate fatigue and back strain, which will make you feel great after a day at the office or on your feet. Insole warmers are especially useful for people with circulatory problems or cold feet.

2. How to choose a massage chair?

The highest quality massage chairs are designed to simulate the movements made by a therapist’s hands. This eliminates the feeling of ‘mechanical massage’ and you can enjoy the relaxation of a professional massage salon. Thanks to state-of-the-art Japanese technology, hybrid massage chairs can successfully replace massages, providing you with a comfortable environment to relieve body fatigue and recharge your batteries for the rest of the day.

Here are the most important programs to consider and describing the best massage chair to buy:

    • Deep tissue massage

Fujiiryoki massage chairs offer Deep Tissue massage, applying up to 12.5cm of pressure deep into the tissues. Special rollers apply firm strokes to stimulate the fascia, the deepest tissue that connects the muscles. Activating this programme relieves muscular stress, eliminates the feeling of heavy legs, relaxes muscle contractions and stiffness in the cervical or lumbar area.

    • Reflexology massage

Reflexology insole massage is among the top preferences of those looking for quality massage chairs. Reflexology massage is based on the movement of specially shaped rollers, which act on the arched surface of the soles and down to the edges. This unblocks energy pathways in the body and directs blood to the rest of the organs.

    • Shiatsu massage

The most qualitative massage chairs include this program. Shiatsu massage is rendered with the help of rollers, which press different points on the body, releasing fatigue and helping the overall tone to balance.

    • Gentle tapping massage

This is also called tapping massage and is based on slow stroking movements of the superficial layers. The role of this programme is to relieve the feeling of tiredness so as not to create greater discomfort that could affect the mood.

    • Kneading massage

If gentle tapping massage isn’t enough to revitalise you, then kneading massage might be the solution you need. Kneading massage focuses on the deep tissues with the aim of releasing muscle contractions in the area of atrophied muscles or muscles that have been stressed by intense physical exertion.

    • Stretching massage

Stretching massage, or stretching as it is also called, gives the user a wide range of benefits for the body. The best massage chairs with this programme place the person in a horizontal position, while the rollers move up and down along the spine, and the air cushions stretch and press the muscles on the surface of the body or just in specific areas set by the user with the remote control.

So, if you make the right choice according to the above criteria, the best massage chair to buy is the one that provide superior comfort and relaxation whenever you feel the need, right in the comfort of your own home.