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What are the benefits of shiatsu massage for body and mind?

By November 3, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Shiatsu massage is among the most popular alternative therapies for purification and emotional balance. Shiatsu techniques go beyond the concept of relaxation massage. This type of massage focuses on stimulating acupressure points, which helps the internal organs to function better. In most cases, people turn to shiatsu massage techniques to unblock blood flow so that blood can supply internal organs with oxygen and nutrients. Like any other alternative therapy, Shiatsu also brings about noticeable changes on a mental level.

Find out what shiatsu massage entails and how much it influences agitation, sadness, anxiety and depression symptoms.


    1. Shiatsu techniques with healing and preventive potential for the most common diseases
    2. Shiatsu massage chairs – A modern solution, suitable even for healthy people

1. Shiatsu techniques with healing and preventive potential for the most common diseases

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that involves pressure movements of the fingers on different parts of the body. The etymology of the term is ,,SHI” (translated: finger) and ,,ATSU” (pressure). Studies claim that shiatsu’s origins date back over 2000 years, and that this type of massage comes from the classic acupressure massage. Today, the technique enjoys popularity across the globe, from Japan and China to the United States and Europe.

How is Shiatsu similar to acupressure? Both focus on the 12 meridians of the human body, which are actually channels of QI energy. Each of these communicates directly with an internal organ. What are they? Which internal organs can be stimulated with shiatsu techniques?

    • 1. lungs;
    • 2. large intestine;
    • 3. pericardium;
    • 4. kidneys;
    • 5. liver;
    • 6. stomach;
    • 7. bladder;
    • 8. gall bladder;
    • 9. spleen;
    • 10. small intestine;
    • 11. heart;
    • 12. the three processes: digestive, respiratory and elimination processes.

The course of QI energy strengthens the resistance of the organs in the fight against disease. When the flow of energy is blocked, this indicates the presence of a disease, a vulnerability in one of the internal organs. It is also important that the flow of energy spreads evenly to all organs. When energy levels are low in one area of the body and excessive in others, this imbalance can affect the body’s functionality. This is the purpose for which Shiatsu massage was created: to unblock the flow of energy by stimulating the meridians.

According to traditional Japanese techniques, meridians are stimulated by pressing key points of the body with the thumbs, elbows, knees, feet and palms. A Shiatsu massage done ‘by the book’ starts with pressure on the body from the feet to the scalp. Using the fingers, the masseur detects if there is a vulnerable area where a disease may be present.

Along with its potential to prevent and cure certain diseases, shiatsu techniques succeed in restoring emotional balance.

What diseases can shiatsu massage prevent? Diseases of the digestive system, headaches, migraines, muscular stress, restlessness, sadness, mental exhaustion, episodes of apathy, plus many more.

2. Shiatsu massage chairs – A modern solution, suitable even for healthy people

Fortunately, technological developments allow you to have your own masseur in the comfort of your own home. No, you don’t have to subscribe to a professional to come to your home every week. Especially as this ‘pampering’ becomes expensive over time. Nowadays, the highest quality massage chairs are designed with a variety of programmes and customised massage techniques for each part of the body. As proof, best rated Japanese chairs are designed to offer the shiatsu massage experience in a similar way to the massage performed by professional masseurs. Professional massage chairs massage with the help of rollers and hot air cushions, starting with the soles, calves, back, hips and ending with the shoulders, neck and neck area.

Are massage chairs good for health?

Shiatsu massage chairs help to achieve balance between body and mind by unblocking IQ points. In some cases, the pressure from the masseur’s hands can be uncomfortable for some people. Therefore, communication with the therapist during the session is essential to achieve the desired benefits. Just as you communicate directly with the specialist, so you can ‘get along’ with the comfort massage chairs and armchairs. Throughout the massage you can adjust the intensity of the massage rollers up to level 12, depending on your tolerance.

Shiatsu massage chairs are also designed for healthy people. The smartest solution for a perfectly functioning body is to apply early disease prevention measures. Health comes from within, but stress and lack of quality rest weaken the immune system in the fight against disease. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, or don’t show symptoms of severe ailments, electric massage chairs keep the following discomforts at bay:

    • sleep disorders;
    • chronic fatigue;
    • anxiety;
    • muscle stiffness;
    • back pain;
    • circulatory problems;
    • build-up of toxins in the blood;
    • irritability and depression.

In general, shiatsu massage provides visible benefits only if it is performed regularly and on a long-term basis. Between household chores and work schedules, it can be difficult to get to massage salons. Instead, the Japanese massage chair gives you the benefits of this alternative therapy without having to depend on therapists.