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Top rated massage chairs and their 7 proven benefits

By October 30, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Massage chairs are not a substitute for medical advice on health problems, but they can help improve overall tone. When the body and emotions are in balance, the immune system becomes more resilient in the face of illness. Top rated massage chairs eliminate the sensation of electric massage, offering more of a massage close to that performed by expert hands, which induces a state of deep calm that you used to get after every visit to the relaxation salon. Mental relaxation improves the body’s response to stressors, which often cause digestive problems, sleep disturbances and even episodes of anxiety and depression.


  1. Top rated massage chairs are especially recommended for athletes
  2. Top rated massage chairs can prevent diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles

1. Top rated massage chairs are especially recommended for athletes

Regular use of professional massage chairs helps the blood flow to clear blockages, which is beneficial in many ways. Stimulating blood and lymph flow helps to flush toxins out of the body, which prevents the risk of inflammation, skin conditions, nervousness, etc. That way, you can enjoy elastic, supple and healthy-looking skin naturally, without commercial creams and lotions. Daily massage sessions lasting 7-15 minutes are recommended for complete relaxation or to relieve tension in painful areas or areas that have been stressed throughout the day.

Daily relaxation of stiff spots helps prevent wear and tear of ligaments and muscles that have been frequently used in training or various physical activities. If you’ve ever wondered how many times a week can you use a massage chair, find out the answer now. The total duration of the massage over a week is preferably between 1-2 hours for noticeable results. Although some people see massage chairs as a fad or a simple relaxation alternative, in reality, these devices have beneficial effects on the whole body. Thanks to favourable blood circulation, muscle spasms and contractions are prevented or relieved.

That’s why it’s preferable to have a massage before and after the start of your workout, for warming up beforehand and relaxing afterwards. By fighting muscle spasms and fever, you are always in top shape and able to stick to your regular daily activity routine.

2. Top rated massage chairs can prevent diseases associated with sedentary lifestyles

Massage is even more beneficial for people who are sedentary or who don’t exercise much. Sedentary lifestyles encourage the accumulation of toxins in the body that cannot be eliminated while the body is at rest.

Excess toxins create fatigue, exhaustion, apathy and even anxiety. The action of rollers and air cushions gets muscles moving, relaxes stiff areas caused by lack of physical activity, helps burn fat and gives an overall feeling of well-being and energy throughout the day. Massage does not replace the benefits of sport, but it is a common solution for people who work long hours at a desk or who keep their body in a fixed position by the nature of their profession, such as dentists, beauticians, plastic artists, etc.

Massage programmes with stretching, warming, kneading and gentle tapping optimise mobility and flexibility, which helps the body cope with workouts and even recover faster from injuries.

Eliminating muscle stress prepares the body for rest, significantly reducing sleep disturbances. When you manage to stick to a healthy sleep routine, you ward off many conditions, from cardiovascular problems, diabetes, hypertension to depression. Even people experiencing mild forms of anxiety or depression can improve their overall tone as a result of alternating massage programmes and techniques day after day.

Alternating massage is important because some depression can result from pain and discomfort felt in various areas of the body or arising from certain conditions.