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Top rated 3 massage chairs – which ones are worth buying?

By February 15, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Electric massage is starting to replace human massage, which is why it is quite difficult to make a top rated 3 massage chairs. Due to the schedule at work, household tasks or too dynamic pace of life, relaxing massage at wellness centers becomes for most people a luxury that they can no longer afford regularly. That’s why massage chairs are increasingly present in homes, even becoming central pieces that complete the arrangement of work offices and more.

Discover in the following rows a top rated 3 of massage chairs with some of the most popular brands in the world.


    1. Top rated 3 massage chairs – Inada Robo
    2. Top rated 3 massage chairs – iRest (A665)
    3. Top rated 3 massage chairs – Fujiiryoki JP-3000

1. Top rated 3 massage chairs – Inada Robo

Inada Robo is the first hybrid massage chair in the world, which offers the specific sensation of masseur massage. The rhythm and intensity of the massage adapts to the physical condition of each muscle group, so it will be performed with energetic movements on stiff areas or slowly, as the muscles relax.

Inada Robo offers the shiatsu foot massage experience. The key points will be pressed with the help of air cushions along the calves, as well as with the help of special rollers in the sole. The movement of the rollers starts from the arched area of ​​the sole and extends to the edges, which eliminates the fatigue accumulated here and stimulates the blood to circulate to the rest of the organs.

Inada Robo is equipped with a facial recognition system, which allows you to instantly activate your favorite massage program whenever you feel like it.

These massage chairs with the Zero Gravity function make it possible to release tension from muscles and joints, as well as to stimulate blood and lymphatic flow throughout the body, advantages that increase the effectiveness of the massage session.

The Inada Robo massage chair also impresses with its imposing design and black and white color combination, which makes it perfectly integrated into luxury wellness centers, modern SPAs or spacious living rooms.

2. Top rated 3 massage chairs – iRest (A665)

This device allows the body to lie in an almost flat position, giving you a gentle stretch to your muscles, joints and ligaments.

The S&L technology provides a complete massage from the neck to the knees to the lumbar area, respecting the natural curves of the hips, back, and buttocks.

The multifunctional heating function is ensured by the use of the heating pad for the back, lumbar, abdominal and chest muscles.

The lymphatic massage is guaranteed by the air cushions that surround the whole body. They provide a compression massage at appropriate intensity levels for effective relaxation sessions.

The massage chair checks the level of fatigue based on pulse and microcirculation. Then the device selects a custom program according to the special algorithm.

The thermotherapy carried out through the magnetic field inserted in the chair, more specifically in the back area, favors cell regeneration, the release of tension accumulated along the spine and a healthy back.

The USB port allows you to store and charge your phone, and the built-in Bluetooth speakers can make your favorite music complement the relaxing massage.

3. Top rated 3 massage chairs – Fujiiryoki JP-3000

The system with 5D massage and artificial intelligence is visibly optimized for superlative comfort. Users can experience relaxation massage like in wellness centers, thanks to the 53 techniques and 38 automatic massage programs. The body scan system registers up to 8 key points on the spine for a precise massage. The Mindfulness program with air cushions, the 5 stretching massage programs and the Shiatsu for the feet allow you to keep your muscles toned and your joints flexible. The intensity of the air cushions can be adjusted on 7 levels for 8 different areas on the body surface.

The range of benefits is completed by the massage with built-in heaters in the area of ​​the trunk, back and legs. The relaxation session can be optimized thanks to the Bluetooth speakers with bass-reflex system.