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Top massage chairs with footrest. 9 reasons to have one

By October 31, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

If time doesn’t allow you to go to the massage all the time, you’ll find that top massage chairs with foot rests give you exactly the relaxation you need at any time of day. The legs are among the most stressed areas throughout the day, even when sitting.

The weight of the body is supported and balanced by the legs, and fatigue or excess weight can trigger local inflammation and pain. No matter what lifestyle you’ve adopted, your feet feel pressure day after day, so it’s a good idea to stick to a routine of relaxing your muscles and joints. Because of your daily schedule, it can become increasingly difficult to keep a balance between your work duties, family responsibilities and your rest routine.


    1. Top massage chairs with footrests can replace visits to salons – Should I use it everyday?
    2. Massage chairs for home use, benefits for recovery periods – Are they worth it?

1. Massage chair with footrests can replace visits to salons – Should I use it everyday?

Japanese massage chairs take care of the health of your feet from your thighs to your soles. Even a quick 7-minute massage session is enough to relieve muscle stress. The Slow stretch programme offers a gentle slow-stretch massage, ideal for invigorating the body before sleep.

Professional massage chairs have a footrest that allows for proper adjustment according to the stature of each user. Legs are lowered, then firmly stretched while being contained by the air cushions. The waist is supported by the air cushions and the legs are extended down and up simultaneously.

At the same time, the massage rollers in the footrest massage the soles from the arched area in the middle to the extremities. So you can enjoy a acupressure massage to stimulate energy points on the surface of the sole and improve peripheral circulation from the comfort of your own home.

The massage rollers can be adjusted from the remote control to the level of intensity comfortable for your physical condition. So while you massage you can alternate between gentle and firm massages until you get the optimum feeling of comfort. Stimulating the nerve endings at the base of the sole helps to calm the nervous system by releasing the production of endorphins, those feel-good hormones.

2. Massage chairs for home use, benefits for recovery periods – Are they worth it?

Air cushions optimise blood flow by repeatedly compressing and releasing air in small amounts from the pelvis, back of the knees, calves and up to the ankles. Cold legs indicate poor circulation.

Many factors are at play, whether it is prolonged sitting in a desk chair with crossed legs, uncomfortable footwear, lack of physical activity, etc. A daily 15-minute massage in a massage chair with heating in the sole is good for blood pressure, especially for people whose feet tend to get cold easily. Gentle kneading and tapping massage with rollers and air cushions promotes mobility and flexibility of muscles and joints. This benefit helps shorten recovery time for certain injuries or increase resistance to sprains, slips, strains, stress fractures and other such incidents you are prone to on a daily basis.

A massage chairs for home use with foot rests are also recommended when pregnant for women in the last trimester of pregnancy. During that period, due to the increase in body mass, the legs are under more stress than ever, triggering pain and muscle wear. Relaxation foot massage is also recommended in the postnatal period to facilitate the recovery period. A massage chair can replace a massage, and specialists advise you to use a daily foot massage chair if you want to achieve visible results.

So set aside 7-15 minutes for massage, either as soon as you wake up or before bed. Last but not least, massage helps you enjoy toned and firm-looking skin, as the blood flow is set in motion, which speeds up the evacuation of toxins from the body.


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