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Top design ideas that bring spring into your living room

By February 10, 2024Massage chair

For most people, spring means that season of beginnings. Whether it’s new design ideas for your living room layout, kitchen renovation or setting a new priority list on other fronts, this season is associated with beginnings. So, if you feel your living room needs a breath of fresh air, now is the perfect time to make a few changes designed to boost your comfort level for the rest of the year.


  1. Design ideas for a modern living room
  2. Design ideas for the living room layout

1. Design ideas for a modern living room

If you’re looking for design ideas to bring spring into your living room, then start investing in multi-functional pieces. They stay practical for longer, no matter the season, so your budget and mental comfort will benefit. Replace the classic living room chair with an innovative solution. Opt for a Panasonic full body massage chair with a simple and elegant design, perfect for any interior design style. Also, while watching TV, working on your laptop or reading a book, massage programmes provide relaxation for your whole body that a regular chair doesn’t.

In addition, the massage chairs are equipped with a foot massage support, which guarantees a comfortable body position while you enjoy your favourite show. The Panasonic model fits into both modern, classic and minimalist living rooms. So if you’re planning to change the style of your living room in the future, you can be sure that Panasonic’s professional massage chair will fit right in.

  • Subtly adapts the spring theme

This is one of the most inspiring design ideas if you want to bring a new look into your home without breaking your budget. If you have pieces of furniture that are showing signs of wear, then put your imagination to work and give them a new face. Give your coffee table a fresh coat of paint. Reupholster the sofa. Opt for a pastel shade, add some delicate floral motifs and subtly bring spring into your living room.

  • Discover spring colours for interior design

Spring shades are the ones that encourage optimism, vitality, tranquility and also enhance the brightness of the room. For example, yellow is one of spring’s favourite colours. Equally encouraged are shades of raw green. Both are excellent design ideas for a modern living room.

They’re versatile, so you can incorporate them into furniture pieces, decorative pieces, rugs, ornamental pillows or paint an accent wall in one of these colours. If you prefer a more dynamic colour, then go for pastel pink, lilac, blue, turquoise or pale orange. They’re all springtime colours. They can also be harmoniously combined with neutral tones such as beige, brown, cream, white or black for an elegant result.

2. Design ideas for the living room layout

If changing colour is on your list of living room design ideas, then jot down a few suggestions to inspire you.

For example, you can create an accent wall in the spring colour you like best. So either apply paint, photo wallpaper or photo wallpaper on one, and leave the rest as they are. If you want to change the look of all the walls, then select a pastel colour, as this creates the illusion of a bigger and brighter space. For wallpaper or photo wallpaper, the best design ideas are nature-inspired patterns, such as those where white, green or blue predominate.

As for the floor, opt for parquet painted in light tones. These optically enhance the room, as do walls where bright colours predominate. To give your living room a welcoming air, rugs are some of the most ingenious design ideas for the living room. If you’re not a fan of rugs that cover the entire floor, then buy some smaller ones in the colours of the walls or furniture pieces.

When designing a modern living room with a ‘spring feel’, at least a few white painted pieces should be included. They optically amplify the room, give the feeling of airy and bright space and can be combined with various strong colours.

The placement of accessories are living room design ideas that accentuate the personality of this room. For a finishing touch, include light fixtures in spring shades here that also feature furniture pieces or walls. Enhance the brightness in the living room design and insert some pots of indoor plants, some small abstract or landscape paintings here.

Apply these design ideas for a modern living room and you’ll enjoy an invigorating atmosphere that’s sure to leave its mark on your emotional comfort.