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Swedish massage and the lymphatic system

By October 6, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Swedish massage is a classic type of massage based on light strokes, kneading, stroking and touching to relax muscles. The popularity of Swedish massage is due to its many benefits for the body’s overall health. Improving the lymphatic system, stimulating blood flow, toning muscles, boosting immunity or preventing joint pain are some of the main effects of Swedish massage. Who is Swedish massage recommended for? What does it involve? How do you know you need a classic massage?


  1. Swedish massage and the lymphatic system
  2. Classical Swedish massage and lifestyle

1. Swedish massage and the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system. Its role is to transport proteins, nutrients, the body’s natural products, white blood cells and filter toxins from the blood, thus protecting the body from disease. The lymphatic system is therefore a valuable part of the immune system. The functioning of the lymphatic system is often impaired by a sedentary lifestyle, poor blood circulation, high stress levels or heart disease.

Blockage of the lymphatic system favours the accumulation of toxins in the tissues. Imagine the lymphatic system as a network of vessels that filter out dead cells, micro-organisms and bacteria, preventing tissue swelling. Lymph flow is conditioned by breathing and muscle activity. So to prevent the fluid from thickening due to toxin build-up, exercise and breathing exercises are indicated. So, if you’re not a sports enthusiast, you can get your muscles moving with massage. A popular example is Swedish or classical massage.

What are the main benefits of Swedish massage? How do you improve the lymphatic system with Swedish massage? As already mentioned, this type of massage includes a diverse palette of strokes, from stroking, kneading and even light tapping. This variety of strokes exerts varying degrees of pressure on the muscles, providing multiple benefits.

The role of massage is to relax muscles, relieve muscle stress, unblock blood flow and reduce physical pain and emotional stress. As the muscles are set in motion, the blood begins to circulate better, eliminating waste products accumulated in the body. The result? Improved lymphatic system activity.

2. Classical Swedish massage and lifestyle

Are you an active person, do you love movement or do you prefer a particular type of sport? Or, are you one of those people who enjoy the comfort of hours on the sofa watching movies? Sport is vital for immunity, but it has its less pleasant side.

Intense exertion, sustained training, frequent or repetitive movements on the same muscle groups are some of the reasons that lead to joint problems, muscle fever or ligament injuries. Sedentary lifestyles, prolonged sitting in a desk chair and lack of movement encourage the build-up of toxins in the body. And from toxin deposits to high blood pressure, heart disease and chronic illness is just one step away. When you spend too many hours in your office chair, you’re prone to neck, back and headaches.

Do massage chairs have medical benefits?

Is massage chairs good for you? Poor back posture when working on your laptop leads to movement problems. Fortunately there’s a universal solution that appeals to athletes and more comfortable threads alike: Swedish massage. It is dedicated to total body relaxation.

It’s a massage for those suffering from osteoarthritis, migraines or back pain. For best results, you can combine Swedish massage with other full body massage chairs techniques: deep tissue, shiatsu, massage for reflex points in the soles of the feet, stretching, massage chairs with heat, etc. Athletes can use Swedish massage to eliminate lactic acid built up in the muscles and causing muscle fever.

With classical massage you reduce cortisol (stress hormone) to normal parameters. Keeping mental stress under control prevents weight gain, hypertension and also regulates heart activity. Women who have given birth or who want to tone their muscles can use this type of massage. The movements and oils used during the procedure improve the appearance of the skin and increase the resistance of the muscles to intense physical effort.

What few people know is that massage is not exclusively for people with health problems. A Swedish massage session is an ideal pampering after a hectic day, a demanding workout or for occasions when you want to mentally unwind from everyday stress.