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Spring home improvement is an inspired idea to refresh the home for a new year. The ambience that prevails in your home significantly influences your tone, mood, mental comfort and overall productivity. So, if you want to give your home a fresh, new lease of life, apply these practical tips to make your spring home improvement plan work.


  1. Spring home improvement – Design tips for modern living rooms
  2. Spring home decoration – Tips for a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom

1. Spring home improvement – Design tips for modern living rooms

Spring home improvement starts with planning the living room or living room as it is called. This is the room where you spend most of your day, when you relax with the family, spend evenings with friends, work or entertain guests. As this is where most of our daily activities take place, it is in everyone’s interest to create an environment that is as comfortable as possible and that can be adapted to the various routine activities.

  • Create seasonal colour contrasts

Colours influence mood, so spring home design starts with small changes to the colour palette. Embellish the living room with curtains in light shades, preferably with delicate floral prints. If your living room design is dominated by neutrals such as beige, cream, pastels or the classic black and white combination, then incorporate small accents of colour to liven up the atmosphere. For example, include decorative cushions or small rugs in spring shades such as blue, teal, olive, pale yellow or pastel pink in your living room.

They can also be found in various decorative objects such as: a glass vase that embellishes the coffee table, flower pots on the windowsill, small statues on the shelves, an abstract painting or representing a landscape of nature, etc. For the relaxation area, integrate the Ironman full body massage chair to replace a classic armchair. The colourful design will brighten up the atmosphere, and the various massage functions will provide the relaxation you need while you watch a movie or relax with a book in your hand.

  • Appeal to the floral print effect

If you have an open space, then brighten up your dining area with floral chair covers, floral plate sets or colourful tablecloths.

  • Amplifies brightness

Light is also essential for a room where you work on your laptop, read or relax. Ditch the thick curtains and make room for natural light as much as possible. Mount the mirror on a wall perpendicular to the window to create the optical illusion of a large, bright space.

To amp up the spring atmosphere in your living room you could add pieces made from bamboo wood, rattan baskets and some less fussy green indoor plants.

2. Spring home decoration – Tips for a soothing atmosphere in your bedroom

The spring home improvement continues with the second most important room in the house: the bedroom. Bring in spring here too, complementing the décor with white furniture pieces and create pleasant contrasts with bright hues to be found in quilts, cushions, a wool rug, an accent wall or decorative pieces.

The chromatic contrast created between white and pastel shades of pink, yellow, orange or green will give the space a spring-like air, ideal for relaxing. Keep it simple to keep your personal space as airy as possible and opt for stylish and practical elements. For example, in the bedroom you can include the iRest professional massage chair, with its versatile, compact design, ideal for small spaces.

  • Select natural materials

Consider also the quality of the materials. Opt for natural ones when choosing new bedding. Complement your bedroom with a few decorative objects made of glass, ceramics or wood and the room will feel more authentic.

Spring is a good starting point for lots of projects to make your year brighter. Spring home improvement is one of them. Play with shades, play with colour contrasts, select quality materials, free up space for small plants in interesting pots, sort out things from the previous season and enjoy a welcoming environment and extra space for the year that has just arrived.