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Sport and relaxation massage shapes body and mind in 5 steps

By October 19, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

The benefits of sport and relaxation massage go beyond increasing muscle mass or endurance. Movement creates a connection between body and mind. When a harmony is formed between body and emotions, you have an excellent tone of mind that neutralises the effects of stressors. So if you happen to feel brilliant but for no real reason, it’s most likely that sport and relaxation massage could be the cause. What are the most popular types of massage that help with muscle mobility and mental balance?


  1. Sport and relaxation massage prevent injuries
  2. Sport and full body massage chairs help you become your own therapist

1. Sport and relaxation massage prevent injuries

Through physical activity you automatically increase muscle and joint mobility. This increases resistance to injury and reduces the risk of tears, strains, sprains, muscle fever or joint problems.

  • Developing muscle and joint flexibility

Developing muscle and joint flexibility propels you to the next level, preparing your body for new athletic performance. If you’re not a sports enthusiast, however, you can boost your muscle and joint flexibility in other ways. Turn to massage and relaxation chairs with foot support, select stretching massage with gentle stretching, reflex point massage, air cushion massage for the calves, deep tissue massage and the list goes on. The best Japanese shiatsu chair have the ability to assess about 10 muscle groups, which ensures a massage that is customized to your needs. Artificial Intelligence-based massage gives the sensation of massage done by the hands of masseurs, eliminating the feeling of mechanical massage.

  • Influencing the health of vital organs through movement

If you do moderate sport or massage regularly (about 15 minutes a day), your health improves by balancing your stress hormone. When mental health excels, then the risk of cardiovascular disease decreases, cholesterol stays within normal parameters, and visits to the doctor become less frequent.

2. Sport and full body massage chairs help you become your own therapist

Sport and relaxation massage have an amazing influence on self-esteem too. When you base your life on self-discipline you become your own therapist.

  • Regular activity cultivates a sense of self-esteem

Increased self-esteem through sport and massage is felt on the inside and noticed on the outside. As proof, a person with strong self-esteem adopts a body posture that exudes confidence through every fibre. Shoulders are pulled back, the spine is perfectly straight, facial expression relaxes, gait becomes firm without being aggressive, and body posture will express lightness.

Having a strong self-esteem improves your image in the eyes of others, makes it easier to create harmonious connections, and conveys a balanced image to the people around you.

  • Massage and sport remove fatigue

It may sound strange, but physical activity is one of the enemies of fatigue. After you’ve finished your workout, sit down in your massage chair and activate your favourite programme. It could be a full-body relaxation massage in Zero Gravity, stretching, deep tissue, a 7-minute invigoration programme or a massage that ‘takes the edge off’ neck or back pain.

  • Physical activity develops your winning mentality

Performance athletes don’t stumble at the first competition they lose, but they don’t limit themselves to the prizes of winning matches either. Health of body and mind is a constant struggle, an ongoing process that you need to work on regularly to maintain. Physical activity teaches you what self-discipline is and how important it is to constantly listen to your own body.

It is not advisable to work only one part of the body, to focus only on one muscle group, but to alternate exercises, or massage programmes and include others appropriate to the physical condition.