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Rhomboid muscles. Recommended massage chairs

By October 29, 2023March 22nd, 2024Massage chair

The rhomboid muscles are essential in maintaining correct body posture. In the space between the shoulder blades on each side of the back are these muscles. The rhomboid muscles help the shoulder blades to lift, rotate and turn towards each other. What are the most recommended massage chairs for preventing muscle stiffness?

The rhomboid muscles make up a huge collection of muscles in the upper back. The rhomboid major and rhomboid minor are the primary and secondary degrees of the scale. The stability of the shoulder and shoulder blades and the movement of the upper limbs are maintained by these muscles.


    1. Rhomboid muscles – What are the main causes that trigger pain?
    2. Rhomboid muscles and the benefits of massage chairs

1.  What are the main causes that trigger pain?

The muscle can become stiff and painful due to incorrect body posture. When it stiffens, the muscles tighten the shoulders together. Rhomboid muscle pain may be temporary or it may continue to occur creating discomfort and limiting physical mobility. Also, when you draw in air into your chest, the pain can get worse.

What are the symptoms of a strained rhomboid muscle?

    • pain or spasms along the rhomboid muscle;
    • limitation of shoulder mobility;
    • stiff upper back;
    • difficulty raising the arm above the head.

What are the main causes of tight rhomboid muscles?

    • prolonged sitting with head forward or bending over laptop, phone, etc.;
    • kyphosis;
    • physical activities that strain the arms, shoulders or back (carrying a heavy backpack, playing sports such as tennis, baseball, volleyball, rowing, etc.);
    • dehydration;
    • training without warm-up exercises;
    • incorrect back posture;
    • prolonged sitting without breaks.

2.  Benefits of massage chairs for muscles

Pain in the rhomboid muscles can be prevented or relieved by stretching or deep tissue massage. Because of muscle stiffness, the rhomboid muscles are not supplied with oxygen and nutrients from the diet, so the recovery period can be long. The best Japanese massage and relaxation chairs with stretching scans the surface of the back and shoulders, adapting the intensity of the massage according to the stiffness of the problem areas. Deep tissue massage with special rollers penetrates the muscles to a depth of 12.5 cm, which helps reduce stiffness in this area.

Massage rollers press the area between the shoulder blades and the spine, penetrating stiff or painful muscle. As the muscles relax and loosen, blood gains access there and can deliver needed oxygen and nutrients that help injured structures heal. Stretching massage can help relax the rhomboid muscle.

It is advisable to include massage and your training routine before your workouts to avoid overworking your muscles. You can opt for full-body massage or programmes focused on the back area. Activate the muscles in the neck-shoulder area, around the shoulders or from the shoulder blades to the waist with stretching massage, kneading massage or light tapping.

If you work a lot on the computer, don’t neglect the role of active breaks. Get up from your desk and sit down in a massage chair. Start a short massage programme for 7 or 15 minutes to relax muscles atrophied by prolonged sitting. The whole body is stretched with the footrest, while the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades and lower back are massaged by rollers and air cushions.

The health of your back and body in general depends on your daily habits. Watch your body posture when sitting. Get up from your desk and exercise for a few minutes. Massage for at least 15 minutes a day, especially after an active day. If the pain does not improve or, on the contrary, its frequency increases, it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor or physiotherapist.