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Why is a relaxation massage important after swimming? Sport or physical movement in general is always recommended, whatever type of activity you choose to do. However, studies show that swimming offers more benefits than land-based sports because the effort in the water puts more strain on the muscles. So, if you stick to your swimming sessions and practice them regularly, you can enjoy a toned body and healthy-looking skin, thanks to the accelerated blood flow.

As it is such a hard sport for muscles and joints, it is advisable to follow a routine with useful habits for body recovery. For example, the relaxation massage after swimming is the easiest way to restore your muscles after each workout.


  1. Relaxation massage after swimming – Top 2 additional solutions for recovery after exercise
  2. Relaxation massage after swimming – Which is best for recovery?

1. Relaxation massage after swimming – Top 2 additional solutions for recovery after exercise

Relaxation massage after swimming provides amazing effects, but it is recommended to pay attention to nutrition as well.

  • Nutrition to replenish the body’s energy resources

It is essential to feed and drink water immediately after the swimming session is over. The less time that passes between now and your first protein snack, the better your body’s chances of recovering from the intense effort. Drink only water and avoid sodas, even if they are natural. If you can’t bear to drink plain water, then add a few slices of lemon, cucumber and other such high water content products. That way you raise your hydration levels and enjoy a healthy drink.

  • Prioritise the quality of rest

Sleep is vital for the body’s recovery, unless you have had quality rest. Growth hormones are crucial for recovery, and proper rest supports their activity. Perhaps after the first few hours of swimming your muscles feel too tight, which is why you find it hard to fall asleep or wake up frequently during the night. In these cases, you can turn to relaxation massage after swimming, at the end of your training programme.

If time doesn’t allow you to get to the salons, then professional massage chairs are what you need to get your body ready for sleep. So before your usual bedtime you can activate the Night Healing electric massage programme or opt for stretching massage, Mindfulness air cushion massage, rejuvenation, shiatsu or deep tissue programmes.

2. Relaxation massage after swimming – Which is best for recovery?

Relaxation massage after swimming is beneficial for the psyche and the functioning of the body in many ways. Whether you choose the stretching, total relaxation massage or activate specific massages for a particular area of the body, the benefits are guaranteed. Relaxation massage after swimming stimulates lymph, blood, relaxes stiff areas, normalises heart rate and lowers blood pressure.

Massage also removes lactic acid built up in the muscles, prevents muscle fever, increases muscle and joint mobility, which helps prevent injuries. On top of all this, the relaxation massage after swimming releases endorphins in the brain, calms the emotions, thus providing an optimal general state.

Why is it worth giving swimming a chance? As well as having a toned body, you’ll look sensational and feel great. Add to all this the fact that this type of sport improves heart and lung activity, develops more than ⅔ of the body’s muscles, increases flexibility, relieves symptoms of depression and supports mental activity.

So you can include swimming in your weekly routine. You’ll enjoy a harmonious figure, excellent mental tone and give maximum performance at work.