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Plantar fasciitis. The thick ligament with electric massage

By October 11, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

What is plantar fasciitis? Inflammation of the plantar fascia is the most common cause of heel pain. What is plantar fascia? The ligament that connects the heel bone to the toe bones. Because of heel inflammation you feel sharp pains in this area especially after getting out of bed, getting up from a sitting position or if you have been standing for too long. Which categories are most prone to plantar fasciitis? What are the risk factors for plantar fasciitis?


    1. Plantar fasciitis and main risk categories
    2. Can plantar fasciitis be prevented and improved by alternative therapies?

1. Fasciitis and main risk categories

The plantar fascia is overworked on a daily basis. The role of the ligament is to cushion shock and support the foot arch during movement. Due to pressure when walking and intense exertion during sport, this ligament starts to crack and over time can end up rupturing. As a result of constant physical activity, the fascia becomes inflamed, causing discomfort and stiffness in the heel.

Ligament wear and tear can occur as a result of different situations:

    • Age

Age also plays an important role in this issue. The age group between 40 and 60 is most prone to heel inflammation.

    • Long-term physical activity on hard surfaces
    • Demanding sports

Playing certain sports that put high pressure on ligaments can increase the risk of plantar fasciitis. The most common examples are ballet, athletics and aerobics.

    • Late pregnancy
    • Foot configuration

People who have arched or flattened heels are at risk of plantar fasciitis due to uneven distribution of body weight.

    • Obesity

Lack of physical activity and a balanced diet increases body mass. Excess weight puts pressure on the ligaments, which slowly begin to crack, causing injury.

    • Certain conditions

People suffering from arthritis may also experience plantar fascia problems.

    • The habit of standing too long

People who by the nature of their profession spend a lot of time standing up end up complaining of discomfort in their heels.

Women are the ones affected by plantar fasciitis compared to men. The reasons are not fully understood. Some potential explanations could be the use of uncomfortable footwear or pregnancy.

2. Can be prevented and improved by alternative therapies?

The condition manifests itself as burning sensations or sharp pains in the heels that may extend to the calves. To speed healing, your doctor may recommend calf stretching exercises, massage, flexing and more.

    • Presopuncture

Foot arch massage helps relieve fasciitis discomfort. Using roller massage chairs for reflex points in the soles helps improve sole mobility. The massage rollers stretch the arch of the foot, relax the sole and remove stress from exertion.

    • Massage with heating

The action of the hot air cushions mimics the massage performed by professional masseurs. What’s more, massage chairs with heating air cushions optimise peripheral circulation. In this way the feeling of “mechanical massage” is reduced, as the intensity and flexibility of the massage performed by human hands is reproduced.

    • Stretching exercises

Plantar fascia stretching exercises can reduce the symptoms of inflammation before it affects your life. Stretching movements and stretching massage chairs with foot support tone the muscles of the entire leg, starting with the soles and calves. Adjusting the calf support brings the body into a stretched position, ready for the relaxation session.

    • Shoe inserts

Footwear inserts alleviate shock while walking, relieve pain and thus help to continue daily activities.

If the discomfort persists and even affects everyday activities, then a visit to the doctor is indicated. After medical assessment, the specialist may recommend physiotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs, shockwave therapy or surgery. However, alternative therapies that complement conventional treatment are also helpful.