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Paraspinal massage to alleviate back pain

By November 10, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

How effective is paraspinal massage? The paraspinal muscles direct the movement of extension, rotation and lateral bending of the spine. These muscle groups are located on either side of the spine. What causes pain in these areas? What are those habits by which people unconsciously sabotage the resistance of these muscles?


    1. Paraspinal massage – How to relax your back after a day at the office?
    2. Paraspinal massage to calm contractions

1. How to relax your back after a day at the office?

If you frequently experience localized back pain, then tight paraspinal muscles could be one of the problems. Local stiffness can be based on many factors. Most often, back pain comes from our habit of sitting too long, which leads to muscle atrophy. When we sit for too long at the desk, we maintain an incorrect posture without realizing it.

The body is bent over the laptop or over the phone, so we should not be surprised by the presence of pain at the end of the day. A major role in creating back discomfort is also occupied by injuries in the spine area. These can lead to muscle spasms, difficulty bending the back or moving it sideways, and a decreased ability to keep the back straight.

These symptoms can be the indication of a demanding day for the back, but if they are persistent, then a visit to the specialist is required to establish a diagnosis. To prevent complications or to ensure your comfort it is advisable to take some healthy measures to protect your back health.

2. Massage to calm contractions

To eliminate muscle stress, as well as to relax the body, you can experience the paraspinal massage. For visible results, establish a daily program in which you combine paraspinal massage with stretching exercises. If you don’t use salon services for various reasons, you can get the same benefits in the comfort of your home. Professional massage chairs can successfully replace the services of professional masseuses.

After a tiring day or one spent at the office, give your back the relaxation it deserves. Choose the Deep Tissue massage with rollers that soothe contractions up to 12 cm deep. Activate the Mindfulness program with air cushions, lumbar massage, Stretching Whole Body with body stretching or enjoy a heated back massage. Regardless of your option, each of these will help you relax your muscles and keep your body in a correct position without effort. Even though massage provides amazing benefits, the importance of exercise should not be neglected.

In most cases, back pain or muscle stiffness are the consequences of being sedentary. Stiff areas do not allow blood to circulate, and because of these blockages, various problems can occur, including the promotion of muscle fever. If the flow is blocked, the paraspinal muscles are not supplied with the nutrients and oxygen that circulates through the blood.

So, as much as possible, try to prevent the harmful effects of sedentarism. Start the day with light aerobics, stretching, yoga or swimming. Constantly monitor your back posture, and when you work at the office, take a break every hour and exercise. If you woke up in the morning with back pain, refresh yourself with a quick massage. The 7-minute Quick program reduces the discomfort created during the night due to the uncomfortable position during sleep. The well-being of the back is also influenced by the bedding. Purchase a mattress that is firm enough to support your spine. If you can’t sleep without a pillow, then use one that keeps your neck and spine at the same level.

Although back pain is transient in most cases, it can worsen in the absence of a healthy lifestyle. Over time, these problems can become chronic, requiring complex and expensive treatments.