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Muscle contractures, causes – Are massage chairs beneficial?

By October 26, 2023April 1st, 2024Massage chair

Muscle contractures are among the most common consequences of a sedentary life. Contractions occur due to muscle tension and stress. Muscle contractures mean the build-up of carbon dioxide in the muscles. This problem blocks blood flow, resulting in poor blood flow and a poor supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. What are the best massage chairs for relaxation? Integrate those self-discipline habits into your daily routine and make muscle contractions a memory.


    1. Muscle contractures – Modes of manifestation, risk categories
    2. Muscle contractures – What are the benefits of massage chairs?

1. Modes of manifestation, risk categories

This problem causes pain and can occur in any muscle, regardless of body area. The most prone are the calves, arms, abdomen, back of the thighs, lower back and neck. What are the symptoms that accompany muscle contractures? In most cases, the affected muscles feel stiff to the touch, the tendon is stretched, and the intensity of the associated pain ranges from tolerable discomfort to sharp pain.

Symptoms of muscle contractures can occur in sedentary people as well as in athletes or active people. Often, muscle soreness and stiffness is caused by sitting incorrectly or doing physical activity without warming up the muscles before training. Also, too much time spent in the chair without breaks in movement leads to symptoms of muscle contractures.

Sedentary lifestyles, lack of warming up beforehand or incorrect body posture are not the only causes of muscle contractures. They are also triggered by dehydration, weight lifting, mineral deficiency, exposure to extreme temperatures. Therefore, the risk of muscle contractures does not depend on age or lifestyle, as everyone is prone to this discomfort.

2.  What are the benefits of massage chairs?

On the bright side, there are some effective solutions that reduce the intensity of the discomfort. These include stretching exercises and massage, light physical activities or physiotherapy. For the prevention of muscle contractures, the programmes and techniques of best rated full body massage chairs for the whole body or specific areas are particularly useful. So if you are going to work on your calves, abdomen or a specific area, then you can combine warm-up exercises with the massage programme for the area to be trained.

The good day is known from first thing in the morning. For example, you can create a complex warm-up routine by activating the 7-minute massage programme and doing exercise. The short massage programme can also be used in the morning before work. This habit stimulates your muscles from the early hours of the day, so that the 8 hours of sitting at your desk will be more bearable for your back, neck, lower back and other parts affected by sedentary lifestyles.

If you work remotely, then you can afford quick breaks to relax your muscles in the massage chair. After a day in the office chair, sit down in the massage chair, start a massage programme for your lower back, neck, shoulders, waist – the areas most affected by poor posture at the desk – and get your body ready for your sleep routine.

Also particularly effective is the deep tissue massage of massage chairs. Deep tissue massage is performed by the rollers of the massage chair which penetrate the muscles up to 12.5 cm deep. In this way, muscle stress is deeply relieved, blood flow is unblocked and blood can circulate freely throughout the body, supplying muscles, cells and tissues with oxygen.

The relaxing massage provided by Japanese massage chairs releases endorphins, improves muscle tone, lymph flow, regulates heart rate and normalises blood pressure. What do you choose to do daily for your physical and mental comfort?