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Mother’s Day gifts: 3 relaxing massages for the whole year

By February 26, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Health and comfort are the most appropriate Mother’s Day gifts you could give to the most important woman in your life. A relaxing session at a wellness centre could be an inspired idea for the moment. But why not give her this ongoing pampering at home for the rest of the year with new massage chairs? Find out which are the most popular robotic massagers people look for when they want to (give) a professional massage chair as a gift?


    1. Mother’s Day gifts – Are massage chairs good for the elderly?
    2. Mother’s Day Gifts – What happens during a chair massage?

1. Mother’s Day gifts – Are massage chairs good for the elderly?

A professional massage chair could be included on your Mother’s Day gift list for your sister or girlfriend for a variety of reasons. Massage is designed to provide relaxation after a demanding day and prevent certain discomforts associated with your lifestyle. So whether an elderly and sedentary person, someone who works a lot at the office or conversely, a high performance athlete, massage should be part of your daily routine.

What are the most important benefits of massage chairs? Massage can be done in any of the wellness centres, but for various reasons, not everyone can afford to keep appointments. So professional massage chairs can become the therapist in your home, as they are there for you whenever you are in pain, feel the need to relax or warm up before gym class.

So we review some of the most important advantages that make massage chairs a long-term investment:

    • improve lymph and blood flow;
    • provides reflexology massage to unblock energy pathways:
    • stimulates stiff muscles;
    • increases joint and muscle flexibility;
    • provides warming massage for the back, abdomen and legs;
    • provides focused massage on sensitive areas or full-body massage for the whole body, depending on the needs of the moment;
    • provides massage tailored to your physical condition, following a body scan.

The list could go on and on, but find out more about the most popular massage programmes offered by Fujiiryoki chairs.

    • Mindfulness Massage Program

If you weren’t a fan of massage before, the Mindfulness programme will change your mind. The JP-3000 is equipped with this 30-minute massage. For half an hour, your body will be gently massaged by air cushions designed to unblock blood circulation from stiff areas, allow flow to circulate throughout the body, eliminate muscle stress and prepare the mind and body for a restful sleep. This programme is ideal for both older people and those experiencing sleep disorders. The bedtime routine can be enhanced with the Night Healing programme, which offers slow stretching massage of the whole body.

    • Shiatsu reflexology for the sole of the foot

Shiatsu reflexology performed in the sole of the foot significantly helps blood circulation and more. Thus, shiatsu reflexology massage in the sole is performed thanks to special rollers that stimulate the surface of the sole starting from the middle and continuing towards the extremities. The intensity of the massage can be adjusted so that each user can benefit from an effective relaxation massage. While the rollers act on the shiatsu points in the soles, the ankles and calves are supported by the air cushions. The compression massage they provide helps improve circulation and relax tired legs.

2. Mother’s Day gifts – What happens during a chair massage?

The list of Mother’s Day gifts continues with the latest technology in professional massage chairs.

What could be more appropriate for your loved one than a robotic massage equipped with a health detection system?

For example, the iRest massage chair on offer has the ability to check fatigue levels based on microcirculation, pulse rate and oxygen levels in the body. Thanks to these criteria, the professional massage chair automatically selects a massage that suits your body’s needs.

    • Magnetotherapy

Sedentary lifestyles or the habit of working long hours at a desk can significantly affect back health and more. The iRest massage chair offers relaxation through magnetotherapy. The effects of the magnetic field on the back help relax stiff or atrophied muscles. As the tissues relax, blood can flow throughout, helping to oxygenate the muscles and supply them with nutrients absorbed from food. Also, once blood flow is accelerated, there is a rapid evacuation of waste products that intoxicate the body.

The SL technology of the iRest massage chairs provides extensive relaxation from the neck, back, buttocks, thighs and up to the knees. This way, after a day at the office, muscles and joints are loosened, blood flow is unblocked, preventing contractures, local stiffness or circulatory blockages.