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Mindfulness electric massage: benefits for body and mind

By March 2, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

What is a Mindfulness Electric Massage and what are its most important benefits?


  1. Mindfulness: what does it mean?
  2. Mindfulness electric massage – which massage chair is recommended?

1. Mindfulness: what does it mean?

First of all, the concept of Mindfulness means that state of complete mental awareness of the present moment. By practising Mindfulness, people become increasingly aware of the sensations, breathing and movements the body is experiencing in the present moment.

This is one of the oldest ways in which we can observe how the body reacts to certain factors and establish a mental balance so that we can then improve the body’s response to everyday stressors.

As you practice self-control in the face of strong emotions and the ability to cope with everyday challenges, you automatically increase your sense of self-esteem, power of concentration and mental performance. To reap the benefits of Mindfulness, this practice needs to be part of your daily routine. How can you practice Mindfulness to improve your quality of life? Here are some useful solutions to help you overcome stressful situations and increase mental resilience:

  • Focus on your breathing

Inhale the air, count to 6, then exhale slowly. Don’t let the air out of your body immediately, but pay attention to how you breathe in and then let it out. To begin with, hold the air in your body as you count to 6, and as you practice this, you can increase the duration in the future. This is a simple exercise that relieves your body of stress and calms your mind. You can adopt this habit anywhere and in any tense situation when you feel you need help to think things through calmly.

  • Exercise attention

There are many reasons why you might lose interest in things too quickly. Everyday stress, household tasks or a more demanding time at work can be some of the causes. Mindfulness is about keeping your focus on the present while going through stressful times. Practise this concept by choosing an object or being around you to observe closely. It can be an insect, a flower, a cloud or anything else. The important thing is to choose a ‘target’ and observe it in detail.

  • Changes the perception of less pleasant activities

There are household or work tasks that you keep putting off or rush to do hoping to finish as soon as possible. Educate your mind and approach them in a different way. Whether you’re washing the dishes or dusting the desk, do these things slowly, notice your every move and enjoy the fact that you ticked off a task that was mandatory.

2. Mindfulness electric massage – which massage chair is recommended?

How can a Mindfulness electric massage help you in your life improvement plan? The effect achieved by Mindfulness electric massage is the same as in the other exercises mentioned above. Among the most important benefits being: releasing tension, calming emotions, relaxing and overcoming stress accumulated over the day. The JP-3000 chair is equipped with the Mindfulness electric massage programme, which provides a 30-minute relaxation session.

It can complement the exercises, which will enhance your overall well-being throughout the day. During the massage watch the movement of the air cushions, which stimulate muscles all over the body. Also pay attention to the way the massage rollers in the soles of the feet work, their direction of movement from the middle to the edges.

Notice what sensations you experience as you massage certain muscles. This could be in your back, legs, shoulders or any other areas of your body that may be more sensitive due to fatigue, strain or long sitting habits. Concentrate and notice how the stiffness relaxes as the air cushions apply pressure, how it relaxes and stress is released.

So, through Mindfulness electric massage you can support the balance between body and mind, so that you can strengthen your resistance to stress and also to possible stress-related disorders.