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Mindfulness and walking meditation – What are the benefits?

By December 18, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

What is the connection between Mindfulness massage and walking meditation? In general terms, both are relaxation solutions that provide you with a minimum level of physical activity. So, if you’re not passionate about doing a particular sport or not the best friend of physical movement, then apply these two tricks to keep you fit: mindfulness massage and walking meditation.


    1. Mindfulness and walking meditation – What does it mean?
    2. Mindfulness and walking meditation – Why are they recommended?

1. Mindfulness and walking meditation – What does it mean?

Mindfulness massage and walking meditation are two simple practices to help your mind relax. During this time, you focus on your own breathing, body movements and become aware of the sensations you experience in relation to what is happening around you. These two practices can be done at any time during the day, either during work breaks when a massage is welcome, or on the way to work or shopping, when walking meditation can be done without problems. Walking massage and meditation offer a number of benefits for the mind and body. It helps you to neutralise negative emotions, focus on the present and your body. So, if you’re facing a demanding day or can’t find your work flow, then a 30-minute Mindfulness massage session in the Japanese massage chair or a short walk will revive you to get on with your day.

Among the most well-known benefits of these activities are the following:

    • blood stimulation after prolonged sitting in the office chair;
    • improving digestion;
    • optimising the body’s response to stressors;
    • increasing sleep quality.

2. Mindfulness and walking meditation – Why are they recommended?

Mindfulness massage and walking meditation have no particular purpose. So they can be practiced whenever you feel the need to energise or when you feel your productivity slipping. They also both get your blood moving, and blood carries oxygen to the brain. It stimulates muscles, prevents stiffness, increases mobility, releases endorphin production and lowers stress hormone levels. All this, just by massaging and walking.

To get the full benefits of these relaxation modalities it is essential to follow the following rules:

    • Breathing awareness

To make this possible, place your palms on your abdomen and focus on how you breathe in and out the air in your body. To amplify the effects of the relaxation created by massage and walking meditation, you can also apply the following practice. Draw air into your body, hold it for 2-3 seconds, then exhale slowly. Repeat a few more times to calm your mind, relax your muscles and normalize your pulse.

    • Anchor yourself in the present

When you massage, feel the air cushions touch every part of your body. When you walk, pay attention to how your soles touch the ground, watch every movement and the way your breath begins to change rhythm.

    • Encourages sensory experiences

To enjoy more relaxation during your massage or walk, it is advisable to listen to classical, instrumental or nature sounds music. During the massage session, close your eyes and try not to think about anything that has happened during the day or the household tasks you have to do later.

Also, during walking meditation, watch the sky, the sunset, the way the clouds move, the way the wind blows through the branches of the trees, the mountains in the distance, etc. These can be good exercises for training concentration power and calming emotions.

Integrate Mindfulness massage and walking meditation into your daily routine. It also takes advantage of state-of-the-art Japanese massage chair technology and combines programmes for every part of the body as well as intensity levels for superlative relaxation. In this way, you fight stress healthily, promote blood circulation, brain oxygenation and mobility.