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Massage for skin health. Are massage chairs worth it?

By October 25, 2023March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Did you know that skin is the largest organ of the human body? The skin performs many important functions for the functioning of the body. From its thermoregulatory function, to protecting the body from micro-organisms, injuries and wounds. The skin health requires special attention, from the quality of the products applied, which must correspond to the type and needs of each skin type, to the correct nutrition, and even to following diets to detoxify the body.

The outcome of healthy-looking skin is directly influenced by inner health. Beauty rituals based on moisturisers, oils and lotions only complement the ideal routine for smooth skin. For example, the effects of massage on the skin are undeniable.


  1. Effects of massage on the skin health by stimulating blood and lymph circulation
  2. Benefits of massage on the skin health by unblocking stiff areas

1. Effects of massage on the skin health by stimulating blood and lymph circulation

Shiatsu massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage are the most suitable for optimal skin appearance. Each of these stimulates the blood and lymph to circulate, thus ensuring tissue oxygenation and the elimination of toxins. Build-up of waste products in the reflex zones is favoured by a variety of factors, ranging from nutritionally poor diet, exposure to polluted environments to a static lifestyle with little physical activity.

Each organ has a reflex point that can be stimulated with reflexology massage. The effects of massage on the skin are amazing for the whole body. Massaging the reflex points helps to cleanse their corresponding organs of metabolic waste products, a process which helps the organs to function in optimal parameters.

Deep tissue massage penetrates deep into the muscles, up to 12.5 cm deep. The effects of massage on the skin in this context lead to the removal of fat deposits under the skin, as well as the removal of toxins from deep within the muscles through blood and lymph flow. The effects of massage on the skin are manifested by improving lymphatic circulation, relaxing stiff muscles, eliminating muscle stress, increasing skin mobility and elasticity.

2. Benefits of massage on the skin health by unblocking stiff areas

People who work long hours at a desk or who do not practice any particular sport experience poor blood circulation. In this respect, massage chairs with back and foot warmers are all the more suitable for those with a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of regular movement leads to muscle and joint stiffness, making it difficult for blood to circulate. Such blockages cause toxins to build up in problem areas, a process that affects the appearance of the skin, among other things.

Shiatsu massage focuses on stimulating acupressure points to strengthen the corresponding internal organs. Nowadays, the top rated shiatsu massage chairs come equipped with a diversified menu of programmes and special techniques for each part of the body, which helps to achieve balance between body and emotions by relaxing the QI points.

So the effects of massage on the skin extend to the mental level. When the mind is calm, the stress hormone is normalised, endorphin production is encouraged by massaging painful areas, the benefits are felt and seen in the skin. In other words, when you feel good, you look good.

Also, if you’re not particularly keen on regular exercise, then you can give Japanese air cushion massage chairs a try. This type of massage works on the whole body, starting from the soles, calves, hips and extending to the arms and shoulders.

The movement of the air cushions relieves muscle stress especially in the most vulnerable areas, where stress and fatigue gather. Air cushion massage also reduces lactic acid in the muscles, stimulates the evacuation of metabolic waste products, promoting a glowing and toned skin.

The effects of massage on the skin are also indirectly influenced by a proper sleep routine. Massage before bedtime relaxes the back, neck and legs – the areas that absorb stress and fatigue from the day.

Through gentle massage, the body relaxes, which ensures deep sleep without disturbances and episodes of insomnia due to pain. Sleep hygiene allows cells and muscles to recover, balances cortisol levels, and the effects will certainly be visible through healthy, glowing and elastic skin.