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Massage chairs for offices. Top 3 benefits

By January 3, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

Massage chairs for offices have been gaining ground in employee relaxation spaces. Long hours at the office can lead to many health problems that can reduce productivity, affect concentration and have long-term consequences. Massage chairs for offices are designed to fit in with office lifestyles and target the areas most affected by sedentary lifestyles. What are the benefits of massage chairs for offices? What functions does such a device need to include to be suitable for workplace relaxation?


    1. Massage chairs for offices – Why are they recommended?
    2. Office Massage Chairs – What are the most important programs?

1. Massage chair for office – Why are they recommended?

What are the benefits of relaxation massage in the office? Whether it’s for a company’s employees or for setting up your own pampering area in the office, massage chairs for offices are ready to give your body and mind a well-deserved refreshing break.

    • Increase employee productivity. Over the course of a day, stress and fatigue build up, which greatly reduces output, affecting work results. At least once every 50 minutes, it’s a good idea to take a relaxation break of at least 5-10 minutes and exercise. Office massage chairs are ready to massage the deep muscles of the back, legs, neck area and other sensitive points where fatigue usually accumulates.
    • Improved stress response. At least 15-20 minutes of relaxation in office massage chairs calms the mind, lowers blood pressure, increases serotonin production in the brain, balances the stress hormone (which is also called cortisol) and promotes great tone for the rest of the day.
    • Employee appreciation. When employees are provided with such facilities for relaxation it can have a beneficial impact on their loyalty. In this way, companies increase their chances of keeping teams together in the long term, lowering absenteeism rates. Employees tend to be more motivated in a company where their health and relaxation are treated seriously.

2. Office Massage Chairs – What are the most important programs?

Office massage chairs are striking in their elegant design, which harmonises with any interior design style. At the same time, the quality of appearance is complemented by the comprehensive massage programmes and versatile functions that provide a variety of massages to suit the user’s physical condition. How do you know you’ve found the perfect massage chair for your employees? First of all, such a device must be able to provide massage at key points, i.e. where the fatigue of the day accumulates. The cervical area, lower back, sciatica, hips and arms are examples.

After 8 hours of sitting at the laptop, muscle stiffness sets in, which can obstruct blood circulation. A warming back massage relaxes the muscles and allows you to maintain correct body posture effortlessly. The Zero Gravity function is especially welcome during the day when you feel the need to stretch your body horizontally for a quick refresh. Massaging your whole body while lying down frees your back area from fatigue and stiffness.

Working in an office is a lifestyle and prolonged hours in front of a laptop can have a massive impact on fitness. Many people tend to relax on the sofa in front of the TV immediately after work. Many employees feel the need for active breaks to refresh them between tasks. Office massage chairs successfully solve both problems.

Firstly, you can relax in front of your favourite TV show while massaging your muscles. Secondly, you prevent discomfort and soothe stiffness in muscles strained by a predominantly sedentary lifestyle.So, massage chairs for offices can be considered a long-term investment, both for your own health and for the retention of your work team.