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Massage chair for home use – what are the 3 main benefits?

By March 27, 2024March 28th, 2024Massage chair

If you haven’t considered buying massage chair for home use or personal office, then you’re not aware of the benefits that come with such an investment. Whether you work remotely from the comfort of your own home or have an active lifestyle, it’s important to set up an area where you can relax whenever you feel like it.


  1. Massage chair for home use – do they help with back pain?
  2. Massage chair for home use and personal office – is it worth the investment?

1. Massage chair for home use – do they help with back pain?

Staying at home, working from home and dividing your time between housework and work can be a challenge for most people. Because of this fast-paced lifestyle we can forget how important relaxation breaks are for physical health and maintaining optimal tone.

  • Active rest to eliminate muscle stress

If time doesn’t allow you to get to the relaxation centres or for various reasons you prefer not to, then the range of massage chairs for home use gives you automatic techniques and programmes for the different needs of your body. Working from home and spending the day in the same environment is not exactly conducive to concentration, which is why your efficiency and focus may decrease.

That’s why setting up a space dedicated to relaxation breaks, where you add massage chair for home use and workout elements could provide the optimal environment to keep your body active, even if you spend most of your time at home.

For example, massage in the Flat Position helps the body to relax, the muscles to loosen up and in addition, the spine will be relieved of the pressure built up during hours of sitting in the office chair. You can activate the Quick Massage programme for fast relaxation, as you only need a few minutes of invigorating massage to get on with your work.

Also, if time allows why not give yourself a few minutes for a short nap to replenish your energy sources? You can use your lunch break and enjoy one of the many 30-minute robotic massage programmes. Whether it’s the revolutionary Mindfulness or Conditioning of the JP-3000 or the Elite Therapy of the JP-2000, you have the opportunity to replace the traditional couch with a massage chair for home use in time for a restful sleep while massaging your whole body.

  • Inducing calm before sleep

Maintaining a balanced balance between the tasks that accompany each plane of life often becomes a physically and emotionally exhausting race. Because of this you may experience sleep difficulties, disturbances, insomnia, waking up during the night and other such unpleasant events that make you feel drained the next day.

Quality sleep is vital for your body to function at its best, so pay more attention to your bedtime routine. Before bed, you can sit down in your massage chair for home use, start the Night Healing programme and enjoy a gentle but rhythmic 30-minute massage to help replenish your strength for the next day.

2. Massage chair for home use and personal office – is it worth the investment?

Relaxing at home does not have to equate to being sedentary. As enjoyable as it is to spend hours on the sofa in front of the TV, after a while this habit could be detrimental to your figure. Consider active breaks as part of your daily relaxation routine.

  • Diversified relaxation programme according to preferences and needs

Even if you’re not into sports, you can still keep your muscles and ligaments in optimal condition by combining stretching massage with stretching exercises. The range of massage chairs for home use includes ready-made models with full stretching programmes or focused on different areas of the body. Massage chairs allow you to adjust the intensity, backrest and footrest position according to your physical condition or personal preference at any given time.

The selection of massage chairs for the home use is constantly updated with products adapted to the specific needs of the modern man. If you like to go to relaxation centres for rejuvenation, then why not set up your own space in the comfort of your own home?

So enhance your mood by alternating massage programmes, functions and techniques for an ever-changing relaxation experience, depending on your needs every day. Enhance your massage with Bluetooth speakers to listen to your favourite music, ideal for releasing endorphins that positively influence your mood.

A massage chair for home use is also distinguished from the usual products by the material of manufacture. Eco-friendly leather complements the functionality of these heavy-duty machines. The material is hard-wearing, which prolongs the life of the chair.

In fact, no matter which model of chair you prefer, you will find models in elegant colours that are easy to integrate into any style of interior design to create an environment to disconnect from stress without compromising its aesthetics.