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Massage and ASMR – 2 great methods for developing creativity

By June 3, 2024Massage chair

Massage and ASMR programmes can help boost creativity in a number of ways. Creativity is a complex process with many underlying factors, a crucial role being emotional tone. So through massage and ASMR you allow the mind to relax, reduce cortisol levels and improve overall mental and physical well-being. What is ASMR? What makes it so popular worldwide? What is the deep connection between massage and ASMR? Find out more about massage therapy and ASMR in the following lines.


  1. Massage and ASMR – what are the benefits for brain health?
  2. Massage and ASMR – solutions that balance the stress hormone

1. Massage and ASMR – what are the benefits for brain health?

Stress and lack of emotional balance can inhibit creative processes, affecting your output, productivity and ability to maintain focus. With robotic relaxation massage you allow your body to unwind after a hard day, removing tissue fatigue and contractures. You can opt for 30-minute massage programmes such as Mindfulness or VIP which, after the morphological scan is complete, begin to massage stiff areas on the surface of the body, releasing muscle stress.

You can also alternate massage programmes, functions and techniques to create a diversified, dynamic and personalised experience according to your needs at the time of the massage. Memorise your favourite settings, intensity levels and the options that best relax your body from the remote control, then enjoy them all every time you turn on the massage chair.

Rest is also crucial for a creative mind, so consider a routine of relaxing before bedtime or before your usual bedtime. The Night Healing massage program performs slow stretching movements of the body, which helps blood circulate throughout the body, nourishing the brain with oxygen and nutrients. Equally useful is the Conditioning programme with cushions and rollers placed in various strategic areas of the body.

A brain that is rested and supplied with nutrients and oxygen can concentrate longer and generate new ideas more easily. Robotic massage promotes the production of endorphins, those feel-good chemicals in the brain, and this process can only benefit creative thinking.

2. Massage and ASMR – solutions that balance the stress hormone

Massage and ASMR programmes make up a formula that improves cognitive function, and therefore creativity. ASMR is a modern phenomenon in which certain sounds generate a pleasant, light tingling sensation in the throat, and this effect promotes a state of mental relaxation. When you combine massage and ASMR programmes you enhance emotional relaxation, balancing cortisol levels and supporting the brain to make deep connections.

So through ASMR you activate areas of the brain associated with pleasure and also provide an optimal mental environment for creative tasks. Many people turn to massage and ASMR to prevent or alleviate sleep disturbances, which can have a positive effect on tone and motivation to create.

Whether it’s a relaxing massage or you prefer programmes that focus only on certain parts of the body, getting into the habit of regular massage for around 15 minutes every day can have a beneficial impact on your mood. Listen to ASMR videos while using your massage chair, either before resting or before getting busy with your creative tasks. Amplify the relaxing effect and add calming elements of your choice, such as diffusers, LED warm light, oils or candles with aromas suitable for aromatherapy.

So, through massage and ASMR you promote quality rest, prevent sleep disorders, create the right framework for creativity, which also helps to strengthen the immune system and improve response to stressors. You can also enrich your creative massage and ASMR routine with other brain-healthy practices, from meditation and yoga to mindfulness.