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Lymphatic massage – 4 other habits for the lymph flow

By October 22, 2023April 1st, 2024Massage chair

The lymphatic system is composed of the thymus, tonsils, spleen, glands and lymph nodes. The role of the lymphatic system is to remove waste products and toxins from the blood through the liver and kidneys. How does an obstructed lymphatic system manifest itself? What is the best lymphatic massage for blockages?


    1. The sluggish lymphatic system can be stimulated by self-discipline
    2. Lymphatic massage and the role of physical activity

1. The sluggish lymphatic system can be stimulated by self-discipline

What are the most common symptoms that indicate lymphatic system dysfunction? A sluggish lymphatic system manifests itself in overweight, cellulitis, arthritis, bursitis, migraines or delayed healing of injuries. If you recognise the presence of these symptoms in yourself then find out the most effective ways to stimulate your lymphatic system.

    • Learn to breathe correctly

Although it sounds strange, the way we breathe influences the functioning of the lymphatic system. According to some studies, mouth breathing is harmful to the body’s health. This habit can cause or worsen conditions such as dry mouth syndrome, snoring, migraines, difficulty waking up in the morning, asthma, muscle tension, blood vessel constriction and more.

Breathing through the nose stimulates the action of nitric oxide, an important hormone that is produced by the nasal passages and tissues. When you breathe through your mouth you can’t use the benefits of nitric oxide. What are they?

    • destroying viruses and parasitic micro-organisms in the respiratory tract;
    • vasodilation of arteries;
    • inhibition of inflammation in blood vessels.

The lymphatic system relies on deep breathing through which toxins are pushed into the bloodstream and from there eliminated through the kidneys and liver. So pay attention to how you breathe. Techniques such as meditation or yoga can help.

    • Hydration is essential

Proper hydration is vital for the functioning of the whole body, not just the lymph. Lymph flow is influenced by the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. If you can’t stand water, then add a little Himalayan salt, a few slices of lemon or juice. This increases your fluid intake and the presence of lemon stimulates the absorption of fluid by the cells. Also avoid commercial natural juices that contain more sugar than fruit.

    • Raw fruit on an empty stomach

While it may be tempting to start the day with a fruit smoothie or juice, choose to consume them in their raw form. By squeezing and removing the peel you remove many vitamins and minerals that are valuable for your lymphatic system and overall health. Equally important are fresh green vegetables, which once eaten purify the lymph thanks to chlorophyll.

2. Lymphatic massages and the role of physical activity

Gentle massage stimulates lymph flow by removing blockages. A massage of at least 15 minutes and at moderate intensity helps to remove toxins from muscles, blood and tissues. Opt for electric full body chairs programmes as they have the potential to stimulate lymph flow. Keep the massage intense for eliminating muscle fever, relaxing stiff muscles, joint problems, etc.

Have you heard of the Trager method? The role of the Trager Method is about physical well-being through connection with emotions. This therapeutic method induces the mind into a state of deep relaxation, eliminating body stiffness, improving lymphatic circulation, increasing skin mobility and elasticity.

In order to benefit from adequate lymph flow you should include a few minutes of physical activity in your daily routine. Walking, electric massage, stretching massage and aerobic exercise are simple ways to get the lymph flowing without blockages.

So take care of your lymphatic system by establishing general self-discipline. None of the methods mentioned is more important than the rest. The lymphatic system needs proper nutrition for cleansing, moderate activity, gentle massage, alternative therapies designed to relax the mind and correct the way we breathe.